Kari Lake to Expose Election Fraud in Court!!!

Republican candidate for Arizona Governor Kari Lake speaks during a campaign stop on the Arizona First GOTV Bus Tour in Queen Creek, Arizona, U.S., November 6, 2022. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Kari Lake is about to have her day back in court. The Arizona Supreme Court has ordered new evidence to be considered, and Kari’s legal team is armed and ready! We are going to get an inside look at what Kari’s legal team has in store this week for the battle royal against these corrupt Maricopa County officials.

– The Arizona Supreme Court ordered a hearing on Kari Lake’s signature verification violation charges.

– Maricopa County officials admitted that many tabulators failed testing before the election

– Kari Lake only needs to show enough irregularities in the election proceedings, which she has ample evidence of!

This week, from May 17th through the 19th, Wednesday to Friday, the Kari Lake legal team will finally be given the opportunity to present their evidence that the November election was indeed fraught with enough irregularities to call the outcome of the election in doubt. A couple of weeks ago, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled solidly in favor of Kari Lake’s legal team, ordering the Maricopa County court to immediately proceed with a hearing on Kari Lake’s signature verification violation charges from the gubernatorial election in November of last year.

This was a follow-up order from the Court. In March, the Court overruled a dismissal by the Maricopa County court that denied Kari Lake’s team a factual review of the signature verification process. The Supreme Court ruled that the lower trial court erroneously dismissed Kari Lake’s claim challenging what they charged were faulty or absent signature verification procedures on early ballots.

The Katie Hobbs team has been doing everything they possibly can to convince this lower Maricopa County court to dismiss this case, but as of this week, the Maricopa County court ruled that not only are they going to go ahead with reconsidering signature verification issues, but they’re also going to possibly revisit the tabulator issues and printer failures in light of some new evidence that became available after the previous trial.

According to AZ law, Kari does not have to prove that actual fraud or maladministration of an election took place, all she has to do is show that there were enough irregularities, mishaps, mistakes, omissions, or other issues that bring the integrity of the election outcome into doubt. Katie Hobbs’ legal team didn’t even dispute it. Their only argument is that all of those irregularities didn’t matter.

Some of the latest bombshell evidence that has come out since the last trial is an admission from Maricopa County officials that many tabulators failed testing before the election. Here’s what Kari Lake’s teams tweeted, ‘@KariLake’s lawyer Kurt Olsen told the court that @maricopacounty officials ADMITTED that 260 of 446 tabulators FAILED testing before the Election. That’s 58% of the tabulators. On Election Day, 59% experienced severe malfunctions. Maricopa submitted a declaration by Elections Director Scott Jarrett revealing that AFTER the October 11th certification for logic & accuracy, they realized that they didn’t configure the vote center tabulators to not accept provisional or early ballots.

‘So they went in, rewrote the memory cards, installed what they said was previously approved election definition software. This totally reconfigured these machines. Arizona law mandates that whenever something like that is done, the logic & accuracy test must be performed again. It states that both the automatic voting tabulating equipment and the software need to be tested. That voided all 446 tabulators. That on top of the tabulation test failures and the failures on Election Day, displays clear misconduct & intent. It also supports our claim that the election was rigged. @KariLakefound the smoking gun. Wow.’

Here’s Kari Lake on the latest:

Now, if you thought THAT was bad, you won’t believe what Maricopa County officials admitted about their approach to signature verification! This is the attorney for Maricopa County, listen to how he tries to defend the signature verification to the court:

According to Maricopa County’s attorney, signature verification is subjective, it’s not a science, it’s more of an art! They are arguing that determining whether signatures match is in the eye of the beholder, and so, who is Kari Lake’s team to challenge that? I mean, after all, who is Kari Lake to define art? They are grasping at straws here as they appear to be admitting that what happened last November simply can’t be defended in light of serious scrutiny. This looks like this is it. We will at least have a final decision in the matter, and that will at the very least hopefully bring an end to this legal limbo and free up Kari to make decisions on what she does next!

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