Jordan Peterson STUNS Woke YouTuber!

Jordan Peterson gave an absolute masterclass on how to handle a pugnacious woke leftist in all the hot cultural issues! Peterson dismantled leftwing propaganda, and by following his example, we can do the same!

– Jordan Peterson advocates for industrialization and technological innovation to address poverty and environmental issues, contrasting with top-down government mandates.

– Peterson engages with far-leftist YouTuber Destiny, challenging comparisons between climate change activists and Hitler, emphasizing the dangers of universalist ideologies.

– He argues for geographic and cultural specificity over universalist aspirations, asserting the importance of dissent in countering tyranny and forced compliance.

A far-leftist YouTuber named Destiny was recently interviewed by Jordan Peterson. The African entrepreneur Magatte Wade has long sounded the alarm on how the World Bank won’t give any loans to African ventures because they don’t have the prerequisite green initiatives that the World Economic Forum insists on. As a result, the cost of energy and resources has surged for Africans while unemployment and starvation increased.

The way around that is to get energy and resources at the lowest possible cost, as rapidly as possible, to the largest number of people around the world. That’s what Peterson advocated for, and here he is echoing the work of the Danish statistician Bjorn Lomborg, Marian Tupy of the CATO Institute, and many others who all recognize that technological progress and environmental health are not at odds.

Entrepreneurial innovation is the key to solving environmental issues, not top-down government mandates, which are doomed to fail. Lomborg in particular has pointed out that even if we did everything that the Paris Accord requires of us all of that effort would amount to a reduction of temperature by the end of the century to no more than zero-point-five -degrees Celsius. Those futile efforts make the vast majority of the world’s population poor and put hundreds of millions of people in a state of food insecurity.

Peterson and several others are proposing the precise opposite. He wanted to push for industrialization and technological innovation to continue to lift populations out of poverty, particularly like we’ve seen in China and Singapore, and are seeing now in nations like Rwanda. At the same time, they are investing in all kinds of alternative green energies that will be voluntarily and widely embraced if found to be cheaper, cleaner, and more abundant than fossil fuels!

When Destiny said that Peterson cannot compare people who are concerned about climate change with Hitler, Peterson asked, ‘Why not?’ This exchange is very illuminative of how ignorant Destiny is. What he fails to recognize is that Nazism and Fascism are distinctively modern political systems. Political ideologies such as Fascism, Communism, and liberalism all come out of the 18th-century Enlightenment and its quest for a universal political and economic system. It is a one-size-fits-all political and economic system that could be imposed upon the entire world.

Peterson is pointing out that such activism and its efforts to “save the planet” have a lot in common with the universal utopias envisioned by modernist sentiments that ended up being cataclysmically disastrous! The contemporary conservative movement, as embodied by MAGA and the various European “far-right” parties, by contrast, is post-modern. They overtly reject the universal aspirations of modernity and instead embrace the geographic specificity of nation, culture, custom, and tradition. While that embrace can run into its problems, those problems do not pose anywhere near the potential for global catastrophe as modernist movements, of which environmentalism is one.

Peterson exposed this liberal as little more than a shill for Big Pharma. This is all part of the rise of what scholars call refeudalization where our society is increasingly resembling the kind of caste system akin to the class structure of the Middle Ages. At one level, we have a massive amount of power and wealth being accumulated and centralized in the hands of very few people made up of billionaires and bureaucrats, but at another level, we are seeing today a comparable kind of religious fanaticism. This is seen in the ‘clerisy class,’ a pseudo-intellectual class dedicated to woke fanaticism made up of race, gender, and sex.

These twin dynamics are shaping what scholars increasingly call a neo-feudalized society where bureaucrats and billionaires are teaming up to create a top-down governance structure that is accumulating unprecedented levels of power and affluence. But at the same time this is happening, we are seeing more billionaires and bureaucrats enforcing a highly woke, dogmatic ideology designed to destroy any legitimate basis for dissent. The key here is that radical woke fanaticism protects the power and affluence of the billionaire and the bureaucrat by silencing any opposition to neo-feudalism dynamics.

This is exactly what Jordan Peterson exposed for all of us to see in this liberal. He is all about shilling for the billionaires that have created a tyrannical social pyramid enforced by the forced compliance of wokeness. There are a whole lot of us who are dissenting from this tyranny and forced compliance, and nowhere do we see that dissent more consistently impressively displayed than in the rhetorical brilliance of Jordan Peterson!

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