Is Doug Burgum Trump’s VP Pick?

Despite being possibly the least well known candidate to grace the suspected candidates list, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum may very well be the 2020 Republican VP nominee. On Wednesday, June 19th, the domain “” began redirecting to President Trump’s 2024 campaign website. Watch:

Burgum is unfamiliar to many, especially compared to other big names like Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, JD Vance, and others that are being considered for the VP slot on the Trump team. Many have even forgotten that Burgum was a short lived candidate for the Republican nomination, participating in 2 of the Trumpless debates that effectively went nowhere. Burgum may not be the most bombastic or memorable character, but perhaps that is exactly what President Trump is going for.

Burgum is a popular, bread and butter, flyover Governor. Much like the Mike Pence pick in 2016 secured Trump’s standing with evangelicals, a pick like Burgum would ensure that standard, conservative Republicans would come out in their normal numbers against Biden. Several of the other options are from Florida which is a non starters, Elise Stefanik is only a congresswoman on top of being awful, and JD Vance, widely considered the frontrunner for VP before this Burgum development, was behind the recent podcast appearance where Trump called for increased legal immigration. Remember that Vance was also a virulent anti Trumper who voted for Evan McMullin in 2016.

A JD Vance or even Byron Donalds (also just a congressman) or other “celebrity” pick would be setting such a person up to be Trump’s successor in 2028. Many have speculated that Trump does not want his successor to be the VP pick and that he wants a more background figure who will help normalize the ticket for voters and not overshadow the Donald. Regardless, Burgum is becoming more visible on the Trump campaign by the day so an announcement regarding his VP status could be forthcoming.

North Dakota is a tiny state and would already, undoubtedly, vote for Trump in high numbers, but Indiana did the same thing in 2016. Trump has likely run hundreds of internal polls and concluded that Burgum is the most appealing to the national base he is attempting to mobilize. Trump is doing well in the polls but very major issues right now like foreign policy regarding Israel/Palestine as well as immigration may actually suppress voter turnout, especially as both candidates are having to appeal to both donors and voters on issues where the two factions entirely disagree. Regardless, Burgum is not only a good fit but also will bring the least baggage to the room that could cause issues for the America First agenda. I say pick Burgum!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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