Hillary Clinton is UNHINGED!

Hillary Clinton has finally lost it! It may be because of the Epstein revelations, a case of advanced Trump Derangement Syndrome, or just the fact that the vast majority of the country can’t stand her. Crooked Hillary is babbling out incoherent drivel like never before!

– A viral video of Hillary Clinton exhibits her delirious state, raising concerns about the impact of her projection tactics on politics.

– Woke leftists, exemplified by MSNBC, project accusations of dementia onto Trump while downplaying Biden’s issues, showcasing a common leftist tactic.

– The dynamic of de-legitimation, where public institutions lose trust, is evident in Hillary’s actions, as she undermines the very institutions she seeks to wield power over.

video of Hillary Clinton is currently making waves on social media even though it’s several months old. It has gone viral because of how absurdly delirious Hillary has become. This delusion is affecting the state of our politics:

Projection, a common tactic of the left, is accusing others of committing the crimes you commit. As we just saw there, woke leftists constantly project onto Trump the very inadequacies and pathologies that everyone else in the universe sees with Biden and with them. For the woke leftists over at MSNBC, for example, Trump is the one evidencing dementia, not Biden. They are claiming that Trump is confused on stage, not Biden.

Hillary openly tried to interfere with the democratic integrity of the 2016 election by knowingly pushing false Russian-Collusion allegations against Trump. This was used by the FBI as a pretense to spy on him and undermine both his campaign and his presidency. She deliberately tried to steal the election.

What Hillary did here is seriously backfiring on her and her fellow woke leftists. By excoriating the supreme court and denigrating the court with her right-wing accusations, she is delegitimizing the very public institutions she needs to impose her wokeness on the rest of us. This is an important dynamic known as de-legitimation. It is the process whereby public institutions lose their confidence and trust among the vast majority of the population. This is something that tends to characterize those of us more the populists who raised concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election.

In calling out the Supreme Court and questioning the integrity of the 2024 election, Hillary just inadvertently engaged in her form of delegitimation. She has pulled so many stunts that deliberately undermine the integrity of our public institutions. She does this to obtain power over those institutions. She engages in illicit antics to wield the power of our public institutions. But what is she doing in that public service announcement?

Hillary, without seeming to even remotely reflect on what she’s doing, is inadvertently undermining the trust and integrity of the very public institutions she needs to obtain power. What you just saw her do there is undermine the very institutions she needs for her and her woke ilk to obtain power. She is pulling the rug out from under her feet! This is what projection ultimately does. She attempts to secretly undermine the integrity of our public institutions, and is simultaneously undermining the integrity of the very institutions that provide you with your power. Hillary has officially lost it. Her PSAs are now undermining her ability to do anything in our nation!

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