“FAR RIGHT” Taking Over MOST Counties!

The woke left is absolutely panicking over what they see as the ‘far right’ taking over counties across the nation! And guess what: they’re right! We’re going to see how patriots are indeed redefining county politics all across the country and what it means for the future of our nation!

-America First PATRIOTS are taking over MOST COUNTIES!

-As blue cities crumble and decline in population, rural counties are surging!

-This is one of the most important developments in the breakaway from coastal globalism!

One of the most stunning developments to come out of the otherwise disappointing midterm elections in November was the stunning gains made by America First patriots at local government and municipal levels across the nation! One of the most dramatic takeovers took place in Ottawa County, Michigan; the shift in power in fact was so dramatic, that the ultra left MSNBC gave this panicked report:

Oh no, NOT Christian nationalists, the new boogie man of the lamestream media! But yes, they’re right, the patriot wing of the Republican Party, the wing dedicated to faith, family, and freedom, absolutely crushed the competition in Ottawa County and captured the whole of the Republican Party! But in many respects, that’s just par for the course in what’s happening in a state like Michigan. In fact, there’s an organization more than any other that’s storming across states like Michigan, and that’s the organization called America First, a growing movement of patriots dedicated to restoring the God-given freedoms and liberties that have made our nation a shining city on the hill for all. To do that, America First Republicans have been systematically taking over county after county after county, in fact, according to Reuters, America First Republicans now control local party leadership in more than half of Michigan’s 83 counties, it’s absolutely astonishing!

But what’s happening in Michigan is reflective of what’s happening in counties all across the nation! More and more local Republican Party chapters are being taken over by patriot activists dedicated to faith, family, and freedom! In fact, it’s simply reflective of what’s happening to the Republican Party as a whole; the latest surveys show that a majority of the party identifies as Christian nationalists, either in terms of strong support or at least sympathy with those views. And what’s key here is that, according to the Public Religion Research Institute, 21 percent of Republicans are all in with Christian nationalism; 21 percent are strong supporters, and that’s huge, because according to tipping point theory, you need 20 to 25 percent of dedicated adherents for people to start migrating en masse to the new paradigm, which, in this case, would be the Christian nationalist populism of America First. Right now, the frustration is that the Republican party is largely a nationalist populist lite party rather than a nationalist populist right party! That’s an important distinction to make to understand the tension that’s going on inside the party! A populist right party vs a populist lite party! A populist right party is a MAGA America First party from top to bottom, from bottom to top all RINOs, all neocons, have either left the party or they have adjusted themselves to the new political reality, like Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio are trying to do; it’s a full-blown Patriot Party!

On the other hand, a nationalist populist LITE party is a party that has a MAGA base; a nationalist populist grassroots, but a neocon establishment leadership! And so, while the RINO neocon establishment is certainly very happy to reap the electoral rewards of the growing populist movement, they still have an establishment mentality which easily digresses back to their RINO globalist norms, which so often involve alienating their Deplorables base and throwing them under the bus. And this is because a populist right party and a populist lite party operate by two fundamentally different politics: the populist right party operates by a politics of the people, where the values, concerns, and interests of the MAGA-base are represented faithfully by their elected officials, like Trump did so well for four years! However, a populist lite party is governed NOT by the politics of the people, but rather by the politics of the establishment, where GOP elected officials promote and protect the values, concerns, and interests of the permanent political class as amplified by the shameless cheerleading of the mainstream Marxist media! But slowly but surely, the Republican Party is indeed changing, and it’s changing fundamentally at the local county levels, and we’re seeing right now how taking over the counties promises to remake not just the party, but the nation as a whole!

The county strategy appears to be working rather astonishingly; according to the Brookings Institute, back in 2008, Democrat-voting districts encompassed 39 percent of US land area as compared with the 61 percent expanse of Republican districts. By 2018, that number changed dramatically;Democrat-voting districts imploded to just 20 percent of the map! Republicans now dominate 80 percent of the nation’s land area. The Democrats have become an almost entirely coastal, metropolitan party! In fact, one former Democrat representative, a Tennessee representative by the name of Jim Cooper, is predicting that the Democrats are ‘facing extinction’ in the great red state of Tennessee. And the primary reason for this is that the primary voter demographic is moving increasingly away from the urban city-dwelling voter to the ex-urban rural-dwelling voter, a trend that we’ve been keeping up with now for some time! Over the last several years, scholars have noticed a very discernible trend of what’s known as de-urbanization or counter-urbanization, where populations en masse are leaving the liberal progressive cosmopolitan cities in favor of far more conservative ex-urban rural areas, and this is shifting the political center, as it were, away from the cities and more towards rural regions, and it’s putting this county strategy by patriot Republicans front and center of the new political alignment throughout the nation! So we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on how things develop here, but if the strategy that we’re seeing in our nation’s counties works the way patriots are intending, a new patriot age really is just around the corner!