Fani Willis Faces IMPEACHMENT!

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - SEPT. 20: Fani Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia inside her office chambers in the Fulton County Justice Center Tower in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. Photo by David Walter Banks

A growing number of patriot Republicans are calling for the impeachment of the corrupt Fulton County DA Fani Willis, and they’re moving to make it happen.

– Patriot Republicans like Georgia State Senator Colton Moore are leading efforts to impeach DA Fani Willis over her legal actions against President Trump.

– Neocon Georgia governor Brian Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr are facing pushback for not supporting impeachment efforts and involvement in the case.

– Trump’s popularity among Georgia Republicans has grown, as 94% view the indictment as a political witch hunt, potentially pressuring officials to halt the case.

We are finally starting to see patriot Republicans make their move. Georgia State Senator Colton Moore is leading the effort to impeach DA Fani Willis over the ridiculous weaponized legalism witch hunt against President Trump. Earlier this year, the Georgia legislature passed Bill 92 which creates a commission with the power to remove rogue district attorneys throughout the state. The commission was set up to put pressure on the far-left woke DAs who weren’t prosecuting theft and violent criminals as part of this move to institute equity and social justice.

It’s being reported that the Georgia legislature is rushing to seat committee members who will seek to remove Fanni Willis for having abused her office for political purposes. The voices calling for just such a removal are growing.

Arizona congressman Andy Biggs introduced a bill to defund Fani Willis. It is called the ‘WILLIS’ Act, and it stands for ‘Withholding Investments from Lawless Litigators in States Act.’ At the same time, Trump and his legal team along with all 18 of his co-defendants are in the process of getting this legal lunacy tossed out. Trump’s former chief of staff and others have already filed to have the case “removed” from state court to federal court because it targets their actions as federal officials. The operative principle is that federal officials can’t be targeted under state laws for actions they took in their official capacity as federal officials. This is part of the federalist system in which certain issues are reserved for states and others for the federal government to handle. In the past, whenever federal courts intervened, in every instance, when the removal was granted and the case was taken away from local prosecutors, the case got dismissed. That’s why several legal scholars don’t think this case will ever even see the light of day.

The neocon Georgia governor Brian Kemp is pushing back against these impeachment efforts. He’s refusing to call a special session, which is only a temporary halt to this. Eventually, the Georgia legislature is going to be in session and this will be one of the major issues they’re going to have to deal with! We also have the Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, a Republican, refusing to step in and get involved in the motion that was filed to remove the case from state court to federal court even though Georgia state law requires the attorney general to be involved in any state criminal case that could be removed to federal court.

President Trump’s lead in Georgia has only grown as a result of the indictment. He is now hitting almost 60% support among Georgia voters in the GOP primary, holding an obliterating 42-point lead over Ron DeSantis. If these Georgia Republicans want to survive as a viable party they are going to have to faithfully represent their constituents and their concerns. An AJC poll shows that 94% of Georgia Republicans believe this Fulton County indictment is a political witch hunt. This is what’s ultimately going to get this lunatic DA impeached. If 94% of the GOP grassroots puts a proportionate amount of pressure on their elected officials, this whole thing may get shut down faster than any of us could have imagined!

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