Disney PANICS over Latest Box Office BOMB!

Disney is once again proving the age old adage: get woke go broke! Executives at Marvel Studios, a subsidiary of Disney, are starting to panic over their new movie, The Marvels, the latest in an increasingly woke Marvels franchise. The ticket pre-sales for the movie have been utterly disastrous!

– Disney is facing challenges in the film industry, with declining pre-sales for its upcoming movie.

– Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, has also struggled, reportedly losing more than $4 billion.

– A study found that conservative films with pro-family, faith, and freedom themes perform better at the box office compared to more woke liberal films.

The ticket pre-sales are the worst since the pandemic. Apparently there were some other tracking factors that showed that this nearly $300 million dollar film was going to underperform with movie goers, but with the latest pre-sale tickets disaster, it looks like the film may turn out to be more of a box office bomb than anyone could have imagined.

This has put Disney executives in a total panic mode. Disney’s movie strike has been a disaster. Disney lost $900 millionon their last 8 releases. Disney has lost nearly a billion dollars in their last 8 films. They have recently implemented a third round of mass layoffs, cutting upwards of 7,000 jobs. Disney’s share prices plummeted by almost 50% over the past two years.

A number of its recent films failed to achieve profitability. Their streaming service, Disney+ has been a disaster. It has lost upwards of $4 billion because they cannot come up with good programming. Their acquisition of the Star Wars franchise has been a disaster. Their stand-alone film “Solo” became the first Star Wars feature to lose money. There are even rumors that Disney is contemplating selling the Star Wars brand, which would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

The latest is probably the most cringeworthy of all. The absurdly woke Snow White they were planning on releasing contributed to the backlash they received. The British Daily Mail published photos from the set of a live-action remake of the classic Snow White. Not only is Snow White now Latina, but perhaps most shockingly, instead of the traditional seven dwarves, the film was going to feature “magical creatures” in order to avoid reinforcing stereotypes, like dwarves.

The Daily Mail published photographs of the companions accompanying Snow White in the film. They are a band of quintessential diversity hires. Ironically, there was only one dwarf among them. These photos went viral, and the mockery and the online ridicule these photos got was so bad that Disney officials originally came out and denied them. They claimed that the photos were fake.

As more people probed, the more they found out that the pictures were authentic. Disney had to admit that the photos were real. The backlash was so bad that they shelved the film. They just announced a few days ago that they are going back to the drawing board and redoing the movie.

As wokeness continues to crush Disney and much of the rest of Hollywood, non-woke films are surging in popularity. A fascinating study by the organization Movieguide found that conservative films with pro-family, faith, and freedom themes consistently outperform more woke liberal films at the box office. What is so interesting here is that it was a very substantial study. It looked at the box office returns from nearly 5,000 movies released over the last 17 years.

In both the United States and Canada, movies that celebrated faith, family, and freedom have actually surged both in production and in reception throughout that near two-decade period. Since 1999, the number of conservative movies made has increased by over 200%. You wouldn’t know that if you only followed the woke legacy media. They don’t care about these movies.

Pro-conservative films consistently make more money. For example, in the year 2015, pro-conservative films made nearly $10 billion in ticket sales, whereas woke progressive movies didn’t even break a billion dollars in revenue. If this study is right, we should be surprised to see a massive backlash at the box office over woke farces like the latest Marvel Movies or the ridiculous Snow White. The future is conservative, not progressive. The question is simple. How many more Hollywood projects are going to go bankrupt before they learn their lesson?

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