Democrats PANIC as Biden’s Age Becomes Focal Point of Race


Democrats are in a state of panic as concerns about President Biden’s fitness for office dominate the 2024 presidential campaign. Emergency meetings are being held on Capitol Hill, highlighting the growing divide within the party. Biden’s recent reaffirmation of his commitment to the campaign in a letter to his colleagues has done little to ease their worries. Representative Mike Quigley from Illinois expressed the deep concerns many Democrats share, pointing to a CBS poll that reveals 72 percent of voters think Biden should drop out of the race, with 86 percent citing his age as the main reason.

– Democrats are in turmoil over Biden’s fitness for office, sparking a civil war within the party.

– Major donors are pulling support, while delegates remain committed, creating a significant conflict.

– The outcome of this internal struggle could greatly impact the future of the Democratic Party.

This issue has been brewing for months. Biden’s age and perceived cognitive decline have been major points of contention. While economic issues, border policies, and foreign affairs are significant problems, Biden’s senility is seen as the one irreversible factor. Democrats have been aware of this, trying to downplay or hide these concerns from the public eye. However, the recent debate exposed Biden’s vulnerabilities, making it impossible for his team to conceal them any longer.

Even prominent figures like Jon Stewart have criticized the administration’s efforts to spin the debate as a problem of dealing with a dishonest opponent. This attempt to deflect criticism by accusing Trump of lying falls flat when the administration itself has struggled with transparency. The realization that liberal Democrats may not always be truthful is sinking in, even among long-time supporters.

At the heart of this crisis is a civil war between donors and delegates. Biden’s donors are disappearing, with major financial backers pulling their support. This exodus of funds is a critical issue, as campaign financing is essential for election success. Articles detailing the fleeing of Democrat donors are becoming more frequent, highlighting the financial strain on the party.

Simultaneously, Biden’s delegates are rallying around him. Ballots are currently being sent to all of Biden’s delegates, who are legally bound to him according to DNC rules. This development suggests that while Biden may secure the nomination through delegate support, he lacks the financial backing needed to win the election. This donor-delegate conflict is a fascinating aspect of the internal struggle within the Democratic Party.
The implications of this conflict are far-reaching. Down-ticket candidates are at risk as well, with mega-donors withholding money from the entire party until Biden steps down. This withholding of funds threatens the campaigns of Democratic senators, representatives, governors, and state legislators. The fear is that Biden’s decline will drag the whole party down with him, causing widespread electoral losses.

This civil war within the Democratic Party reflects a broader trend of increasing polarization and ideological divides not just between parties but within them. Traditional political alliances are being challenged by new, more radical forces, leading to significant changes in the political landscape. The struggle between Biden’s supporters and his detractors within the party underscores this shift.

The Democratic Party is facing a major internal crisis as concerns about Biden’s fitness for office lead to a civil war between donors and delegates. The financial instability caused by withdrawing donors and the unwavering support of delegates create a complex and precarious situation. As Biden insists on staying in the race, the party must navigate this internal conflict and its potential impact on upcoming elections. The outcome of this struggle will shape the future of the Democratic Party and the broader political landscape in the United States. The next few months will be crucial in determining how this civil war resolves and what it means for the party’s ability to unite and effectively compete in future elections.

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