CNN PLUMMETS to Lowest Ratings EVER!

CNN continues to promote outright lies as ‘news.’ They continue to live up to their reputation as the most distrusted name in fake news!

– The article highlights numerous instances where CNN has been accused of spreading misinformation and false narratives.

– CNN recently hit a historic low in viewership, pulling in only 55,000 viewers in the crucial 24 to 54 age demographic.

– The decline in trust and viewership suggests that the days of CNN and the legacy media are waning.

CNN told us that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election, Jussie Smollett was the victim of a race crime, Brett Kavanaugh was a rapist, the COVID lab leak was nothing but a conspiracy theory, border agents on horseback ran around whipping migrants, the Covington Catholic school kids mocked a poor, peaceful Native American simply banging on his drum. They spread misinformation that Trump built cages for migrant kids and recommended that people drink bleach to cure COVID-19, Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist, and now that there is no evidence for Biden’s corruption and impending impeachment.

This extremely corrupt and perpetually lying network has just reached rock bottom in viewership. When it came to the 24 to 54-year-old demographic, which is the most important demographic for advertisers, CNN, over this past weekend, pulled in a total of just 55,000 viewers. Our channel got more views than that over the weekend. It was the worst weekend in CNN’s ratings history. As one media outlet put it: CNN just made history, but not in a good way! Not in the way any media company would ever want to!

We see a recent example of CNN’s rejection of fair and truthful reporting and the practice of deception and blatant lies in Chris Wallace’s abysmal reporting. Ronna McDaniel explained what she meant when she said Biden didn’t win fair and square. She meant that the legacy media lied to the American people about the Hunter Biden laptop. Media outlets like CNN lied about the laptop and thus refused to give voters the information they needed to make a genuinely informed decision about that election! Chris Wallace and CNN deceptively edited it to make McDaniel sound like a conspiracy theorist. This comes across as if they’re incapable of not lying. That is why CNN’s ratings are in tatters.

The success of modern journalism is built on trust. The only way modern journalism works is if audiences trust the news outlets as reliable mediators of information. If there is significant doubt and if audiences begin to suspect that they’re being fed partisan talking points, they are going to look elsewhere for their information. The more partisan the legacy media appears, the more trust in the media erodes. The more trust in the media erodes, the more they lose their audience which means the only audience that’s left are the fringe partisan die-hards who want the media to go even further left, and the whole cycle repeats. What all of this means is that the days of CNN and the whole of the legacy media are coming to an end. We are just a bit away from the weekend when CNN will literally be watched by no one!

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