Bush Era COLLAPSES in Texas: Ken Paxton VICTORIOUS!

Tony Buzbee, the lawyer for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is a patriot who was subjected to even more weaponized legalism and lawfare, but this time, at the hands of his fellow Republicans. The George Bush-Karl Rove wing of the Republican Party has just officially imploded.

– Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas faced impeachment in May on charges of bribery, fraud, and political retribution, initiated without investigation or proper impeachment inquiry.

– Paxton’s investigation into FBI corruption led to these charges.

– Paxton’s popularity among Texans contributed to his victory over the Bush-Rove wing of the party, marking the end of RINO neocon Republicans in Texas.

The Ken Paxton senate trial in Texas is finally over. In May, Attorney General Paxton was impeached by the Texas House in one of the most impulsive, inexplicable impeachments imaginable. There was no investigation, there was no prerequisite impeachment inquiry, it was a shock impeachment that took just two days to pass. Enough Republicans voted with Texas Democrats to put their pro-Trump attorney general on trial in the Senate for supposed bribery fraud and political retribution. These charges were brought against Paxton after he started investigating the FBI for corruption. The case against Paxton was an absolute farce. There was no evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing on his part. His attorneys all last week during the senate trial put on a masterclass of deconstructing fake charges devoid of any semblance of evidence.

In the end, all but two Texas Senate Republicans voted to acquit Paxton on all 16 sham charges. Texas senators Kelly Hancock and Robert Nichols were the two backstabbers who voted to convict. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, who presided over the senate trial, has promised a full investigation into what happened in the Texas House with an impeachment sham that so colossally imploded in the Senate. That is not the only thing that imploded.

Catturd tweeted, ‘Good morning and big shout out to the neocon Bush family and Karl Rove for their embarrassing failed coup of AG Ken Paxton in Texas.’ The Bush dynasty that defined the Texas Republican Party for a generation has finally come to an end. We got a foretaste of this back in 2022 when Paxton defeated George P. Bush for the Republican nomination for Attorney General. Paxton is very popular among Texans.

Paxton committed the unpardonable sin among the ruling elite in Texas: he politically killed off the last Bush in power in Texas! Ever since, the whole Bush establishment, with Karl Rove right at the center writing his pathetic donor-class propaganda for the Wall Street Journal, has been out to destroy Paxton and show the Texas oil and energy powers, that they are still very much in charge. Paxton’s acquittal demonstrates that the Bush-Rove wing of the party has largely lost its ability to coerce and dictate the Texas GOP. With the political implosion of Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and now the Bush-led Texas GOP, we are seeing the official end of the RINO neocon Republicans. God bless the fully acquitted Ken Paxton, and God bless the new MAGA GOP!

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