Woke Leftists Have a MELTDOWN About a Milk Advertisement!

More woke leftists are suffering yet another meltdown, this time over a video mocking and ridiculing them. Parks and Rec Ron Swanson fans are going to be very proud!

– Aubrey Plaza stars in a humorous milk advertisement called ‘Wood Milk,’ which portrays milk made from trees.

– The ad received backlash from some individuals in the vegan and non-dairy milk community.

– The woke left continues to display its lack of humor and sensitivity in many people’s responses to the ad.

Actress and comedian Aubrey Plaza is perhaps best known for her role in the hit comedy sitcom Parks and Rec, featuring the venerable libertarian Ron Swanson. Aubrey has found herself at the center of a social media storm after starring in a hilarious advertisement for milk that ended up freaking out woke leftists. This advertisement is called ‘Wood Milk.’

Aubrey portrays herself as the co-founder of a fictional milk made not from soy, almonds, or any other plant life, but from trees. She asked, “Have you ever looked at a tree and thought, ‘Can I drink this?’” She talked about all the different kinds of wood milk you can drink, from all the various types of trees. It didn’t matter which one was picked, it all tasted like wood. So, the ad argues, why not just go with the real thing– real milk?

This was cute and playful. But not if you’re woke. This commercial was considered offensive to the soy milk community! Fasting from dairy and eating a vegan diet are part of religious traditions like Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Drinking non-dairy milk can have many health benefits, are a great substitute for people with allergies, and can even be used within religious contexts. The commercial is light-hearted and funny despite the many possible benefits of non-dairy milk.

One of the most prominent symptoms of the woke mind virus is a sense of humor deficiency. Many offended leftists left angry comments under her Instagram post. One triggered leftist wrote, “Disappointed to see you use your platform to discourage people from making healthier and kinder choices. Hope this is a learning opportunity for you.” Another wrote, “So so so disappointed – please educate yourself,” Another user said, “Perhaps next, you could do a snarky ad mocking the people who try to stop dog fighting or clips of you laughing over other videos showing baby seals getting beaten to death for their fur,”

Someone else wrote, “Stop mocking vegans. We are right about ethics and the environment.” Another user said, “What’s next Aubrey? Will you be promoting foie gras, veal, human slavery, or perhaps heroin next? Who needs ethics, Aubrey is for sale apparently.” Even the ultra-leftist propaganda site Vox piled on writing a lengthy piece complaining about Plaza “mocking plant-based milks” as if they were not real milk.

Ironically, all of this tree furor just ended up earning itself even MORE mockery. A Twitter account Heel vs Babyface put this meme up:

Unfortunately, Plaza had to disable the comments on her Instagram. To her credit, she’s refusing to back down to the woke mob. I don’t think people are intimidated by woke zombies anymore, specifically after the Bud Lite fiasco. But all of this raises the question: why are the woke so hopelessly devoid of any sense of humor? British comedian John Cleese discusses the woke sense of humor deficiency.

It is important to try to be kind to everyone. The woke exploit people’s kindness by forcing people into the indulgence of the most overly-sensitive people in their culture, the people who are most easily upset. There is no rational reason why society should be organized around the sensitivities of the most easily upset people. If this is the framework of society, it will be a very neurotic society. From the point of creativity, if you have to keep thinking about which words you can use and which you can’t, then that will stifle creativity and we will lose any real sense of cultural flourishing.

The good news is that, while the woke left has a very hard time laughing, more people are laughing at them. They are the true butt of all jokes. Their neurotic triggering is itself the object of ridicule, and it is encouraging to see that Aubrey Plaza and many other comedians just like her are smiling rather than backing down!

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