Woke Left TERRIFIED that Trump Will Retaliate after Politically Persecuting Him Relentlessly!

New York magazine posted an article with the headline: ‘Trump WANTS his enemies to fear for their lives!’ This is the next stage of grief for them. First, they thought it was impossible for Trump to ever stage a successful comeback. That’s what we have been told these last two years.

– Recent GOP primary polls show Trump ahead of other candidates by a significant margin.

– An ABC/Washington Post poll had Trump leading Biden by 10 points, causing panic and denial in the legacy media.

– Republican voters support Trump’s strong stance against woke Democrats, contributing to his surge in the primary polls and high campaign enthusiasm.

The polls started coming in for the GOP nomination, and we have never seen anything like this. We have never seen an open primary where one candidate is beating the other candidates by more than all of their support combined. The recent ABC/Washington Post poll showed Trump beating Biden by 10 points. That officially sent the legacy media into a total and complete meltdown.

They went from denial to a panicked frenzy. We are now seeing the lunatic guests on CNN or New York Magazine starting to beg for mercy. They are recognizing that not only is Trump poised to win in a landslide blowout, but that win is only going to embolden him to unleash retribution against all of his political enemies, especially the media. The irony in all of this is that, in going through these stages of grief, liberal Democrats and the legacy media are only revealing just what level of lunatics they are. For example, New York Magazine was flipping out over President Trump accusing Mark Milley of treason.

Trump took to Truth Social and excoriated Milley for going behind his back and contacting Chinese officials after J6. Trump said that a treasonous act like that in any other period would have been punishable by death. New York Magazine had an absolute meltdown over Trump saying that. This is exactly the argument that’s being used by desperate liberals to keep Trump off the ballot in 2024. They are claiming that he’s guilty of treason, sedition, and insurrection. These panicked, desperate woke leftists are all scared that Trump is going to get into power again and inflict on them the same weaponized lawfare that they’ve been unleashing on him!

The phenomenon known as projection can be seen here. Projection is accusing others of the very crimes you commit. Virtually every one of these woke leftists excoriating Trump for accusing others of treason are themselves guilty of accusing Trump of treason and saying he will weaponize the law cheered on the weaponization of the law against him. They are looking for some kind of scapegoat to impute their sins to and have those sins punished.

Trump is coming after his political opponents, but the difference here is that he’s going to use their political and legal weaponization against them. This is a counter-offensive, whereas the woke left are the ones who first crossed the Rubicon in actually going through with something that has never happened in the history of our republic, indicting a former president. They have only themselves to blame for the retribution that’s about to come. Republican voters support this. There’s nothing Republican voters want to see more than Trump unleashed against woke Democrats. That is one of the chief reasons why he’s surging in the primary polls. It is one of the chief reasons why the enthusiasm for his campaign is off the charts.

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