Woke Judge HUMILIATED as Trump Takes the Stand!

The amazing Trump attorney, Alina Habba, rained fire on this corrupt New York Judge and Attorney General who have attempted to weaponize the legal system. We are going to see the latest on Trump taking the stand in his defense, how this woke judge was just utterly humiliated, and how these kangaroo court cases are all completely unraveling.

– Former President Donald Trump took the stand in his defense, challenging the charges brought against him by the state of New York.

– Judge Engoron, who presides over the case, exhibited inappropriate behavior, including slamming his hand on his desk during the trial and sharing inappropriate photos outside of the case.

– Trump’s poll numbers continue to rise as these legal cases are perceived by many as politically motivated attacks.

President Trump took the stand yesterday in his defense. By all reports, it was a masterclass in exposing the corruption of this kangaroo court. The presiding judge here, Judge Engoron has blatantly weaponized the legal system against Trump. The state of New York, through this Maoist judge, is taking it upon themselves to accuse Trump of “overvaluing” his properties.

They are fining him hundreds of millions of dollars, and they have tried to break up the Trump Organization, seize control of his properties, including Trump Tower, and even penalize his kids. Trump took the stand in his defense, and it was awesome. He demanded a trial by jury. This is a trial that is being decided solely by this corrupt judge. Trump called out this judge and accused him of being a corrupt partisan hack.

Engoron demonstrably has no case. The court has no idea of the intricacies of real estate law. Trump’s team has pointed that out many times. They are out of their league here. Trump argued that he wanted to try this sham case in front of a jury of his peers. It is being reported that Trump just completely got under the skin of this woke judge.

Trump’s lawyer earlier testified that Engoron slammed his hand on his desk, and demanded that she keep her client, President Trump, under control. He behaved in an inappropriate and unhinged manner. Trump was reading the room perfectly. He played the situation well. He knows the vast majority of the nation sees these trials as shams, and that is what he’s pushing.

He is also touting his poll numbers that are crushing Biden. He is saying that this is the real reason this is happening. It is a scam to try to cheat voters out of who they want to be president. At the same time this is all happening, you won’t believe the humiliation that this judge is now going through due to his bizarre behavior outside of the courtroom.

Several reports on X, formerly known as Twitter, are coming out showing a bunch of half-naked selfies taken by this judge. Arthur Engoron posted on an alumni newsletter that he reportedly controls. The selfies are bizarre, but they suggest that Engoron isn’t well. Something is seriously wrong with this guy. I think it underscores just how bizarre this whole thing ultimately is. It looks like the courts are beginning to step in.

A New York appellate court has recently stepped in and canceled Judge Engoron’s ruling that forced the Trump organization to cancel business certificates and appoint receivers. For at least the next month, this judge can’t touch Trump’s company. That appears to be par for the course for these other cases against Trump as well. It looks like the classified documents case isn’t even going to be heard before 2024. The judge in that case, Aileen Cannon, is considering postponing the trial until after next year’s presidential election, saying that there’s no way the trial can be done fairly and impartially during an election.

Judge Chutkan in DC, a radical Marxist judge, just got overruled by this appeals court that saw the gag order as a blatant overreach by this nutty Marxist judge. You cannot issue a gag order on a presidential candidate. We are a constitutional republic that does not do that. All of these cases are unraveling in their way, and the more ridiculous their weaponized antics get, the more Trump skyrockets in the polls. In the end for Trump, it’s a win-win.

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