Christians in the modern age are disillusioned and perplexed. An increasingly secularized West has marginalized the church from the public square, rendering the Christian faith irrelevant to the complexities of social and political life while producing a culture increasingly hostile to Christian belief and practice. Having exhausted political approaches and promised solutions, clergy and congregants alike are looking for answers that can awaken effectively our culture to the societal richness of the Christian faith.

And this is where TurleyTalks comes in. It is designed as a forum where we can quite literally reimagine everything in light of the one in whom all things are made new. I am convinced that there is nothing more important in our time than for the church to recover its witness as the true civilization, a sanctified social order that fosters true human flourishing.

At TurleyTalks, you will discover a myriad of ways in which we Christians have largely accepted secular social arrangements and have in effect out-sourced the mission of the church; in our social and political life, we have been expecting the secular world to do and accomplish what only the church, endowed with the Holy Spirit, can. You will in turn encounter a number of answers and resources that will enable Christians to effectively recalibrate social and cultural life back around the shared life-world of the church and thereby enable human flourishing in the midst of a modern secular age.

At this point, let me encourage you to sign up on our e-mail list, for this list is far more than just an alert mechanism for new post entries. Subscribers to the email list are directly involved in determining topics of discussion, the content of Ebooks and videos, and the overall direction of the website. I envision TurleyTalks as inviting all of us into a conversation, one that I hope encourages us to get involved in all kinds of organizations, associations, and networks that enrich our lives and allow our faith to socially and culturally flourish.

My goal is to post three times per week, and these posts will generally address important issues about the church and society requested by subscribers to our email list. Our current email list has already voiced a number of topics of concern, ranging from the crisis of secularization and political correctness in the church to the fostering of genuine community within the church to exploring the role of Christian conceptions of beauty in shaping our imaginations and moral lives.

My approach toward addressing topics like these is, first, providing an in-depth social and cultural analysis of the topic at hand in order for us to get a handle on the defining issues, and then, secondly, provide historic Christian answers and solutions to the particular problem facing the church. As such, TurleyTalks is the only website that combines in-depth cultural and social analysis with distinctively Christian answers.

I very much invite your feedback. TurleyTalks is a community of conversation, which cannot happen without your contribution. You are not alone in your concerns about the state of our society. It is my hope that you will find TurleyTalks a venue where those concerns can be communicated, explained, and resolved in a Christ-centered manner, and where you will find a nexus of organizations, networks, and associations that enrich your life and enable your faith to socially and culturally flourish.

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