WEF Admits DEFEAT as German Farmers REVOLT!

Rebuilding trust is the theme of this year’s WEF meeting in Davos. They have to rebuild trust which of course has been shattered in the wake of their covid lockdown insanity.

– The World Economic Forum annual gathering in Davos is likened to the Hunter Biden of international organizations, with leaders arriving in private jets and facing accusations of being disconnected from reality.

– Klaus Schwab’s statement that “no one is safe unless everyone is vaccinated” sparks criticism and contributes to the erosion of trust in the WEF.

– The growing unity among German workers and the rise of the AfD suggest a shift away from globalist influences, reflecting a changing political landscape.

Every year, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEOs all arrive in their private jets and are sequestered together in the remote mountain village of Davos, Switzerland, which is carefully guarded with roadblocks and their special police. Scott Adams had an insightful quip about this year’s gathering, he tweeted out: ‘The WEF is the Hunter Biden of international organizations’

With reports that the local escort services are completely booked in Davos, that certainly seems to fit the bill. Zelensky of course was there, doing what he does best: begging for more money. Hopefully, he is there as well to follow up on reports that he asked Switzerland to host a peace summit. Along with Zelensky, the head of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen spoke as well, and her theme was misinformation. She claimed that it is the single biggest threat facing the world today, even bigger than climate change.

So there you have it, the Demons in Davos think that misinformation and disinformation are the greatest threats that humanity faces. Now of course, by misinformation and disinformation, they simply mean anything that contradicts their narrative. There’s no basis for dissent, what they decide is final.

Klaus said no one is safe unless everyone is vaccinated. Statements like that have completely discredited and delegitimized the WEF. That is why they need to hold a conference with the theme ‘Restoring Trust!’ They are admitting that no one trusts them anymore. A headline we saw from the past week asks, ‘Is the WEF even relevant anymore?’ Even the New York Times is admitting this. They are openly recognizing that the world is changing in ways that threaten to bring to an end the very existence of the WEF itself.

The WEF, according to the New York Times, is losing its relevance; it’s losing its influence, and its power to direct and dictate political and economic life around the world. There appears little they can do to stop it, especially given what is happening right now in Germany.

These are scenes of a massive farmers’ revolt coming out of the nation of Germany. The leftist German government, led by the Green Party’s Olaf Scholz, to greenify their nation have plans to get rid of a tax break for agricultural vehicles. They are getting rid of a diesel subsidy, the elimination of which would make farming almost impossible for several German farmers. Very much like we saw in the Netherlands over the last year, or something comparable to the Freedom Convoy in Canada, German farmers are rebelling.

These farmers are rising against what they consider to be radically draconian policies of their leftwing government, and they are demanding that the government resign and hold snap elections. It looks like the vast majority of the country is behind them!

These are German firefighters showing their solidarity with the farmers and their protests in Berlin. It is turning into a massive uprising that’s uniting the German working class like never before. They are getting politically organized. The AfD, the Alternative for Deutschland, Germany’s patriot party, is clocking in at 24% support, in a multiparty system is significant. They are now officially the second-largest party and they have twice the support they garnered when they first entered the German parliament back in 2017. In many ways, it’s Germany’s answer to Davos. The WEF wants to rebuild trust, all the while confirming that we have no choice in the matter, and Germany’s farmers are telling the WEF exactly what they can do with that trust. A new world is rising that promises to leave little room for the ridiculous antics in Davos!

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