Vaccines Under Scrutiny as More Big Pharma Corruption Exposed

The covid vaccine has put the entire concept of vaccination under scrutiny as it is widely recognized that vaccination was extremely harmful and totally ineffective at preventing or ‘slowing’ transmission of covid. Dr. Anthony Fauci has been before Congress this week discussing his recommendations during the pandemic and has admitted that the rules for 6 feet of social distancing and masking were not based on any evidence.

Tucker Carlson recently described the way that many Americans determined not to take the Covid vaccine. He explains that we did not ‘know’ that they would be harmful and ineffective based on ‘definitive proof’ at the time. However, it was very clear that the people promoting this vaccine were liars and could not be trusted about anything they said.

Over the past several years, vaccine skepticism has been on the rise in American media in light of the pharmaceutical industry’s continued support of the covid vaccination and refusal to stop producing booster shots or recommending the shot to the public. Because of the general consensus that the covid vaccine was ineffective and that the disease itself was not as deadly as our leaders initially tried to convince us, many people are taking a step back and looking at the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

RFK Jr. received a lot of support for his campaign initially as he denounced the vaccine, an unpopular position among leftist politicians. Trump has also just announced that he plans to prosecute Anthony Fauci over his corruption and deception regarding covid and the vaccine. It is a mainstream view to question the covid vaccine and condemn the draconian response to covid that we saw in America.

This has also led to increased skepticism over other vaccinations and free treatments that are required to be free by the government as the Covid tests and shots were. Birth control pills have also been under similar scrutiny as they are required by the federal government to be free to all women. As the societal and physical harms of birth control are being more widely acknowledged, we are also seeing this skepticism extend to other vaccinations previously considered safe.

The most popular concerns about the covid vaccine are over how it was required to be free and that it was so forcibly required on many people at their jobs and at schools. This has caused many people to question the fact that many employers, schools, and daycare centers for small children require so many vaccines unless people have a religious exemption.

The CDC’s website states, “All Health Insurance Marketplace plans and most other private insurance plans must cover certain vaccines without charging a copayment or coinsurance when provided by an in-network provider. This is true even for patients who have not met a yearly deductible.” This is shocking considering that many other lifesaving medical treatments are not required to be covered by insurance programs.

The CDC also boasts of their insidious program called Vaccines for Children which allows any child to receive free vaccines according to the vaccine schedules for children. The concept of free pharmaceutical products has become very alarming to many Americans in light of the blatant corruption exposed by the covid vaccine, and this has caused all of these other vaccines being free to be a concern for many people.

Many wonder why vaccines are forced on us so heavily and provided for free when other clearly lifesaving treatments are not. There are so many ridiculous fees, charges, and surprise costs people will see on their medical bills for many other healthcare services as the American healthcare industry is a multi billion dollar industry that charges premium rates for care. The idea that these vaccines would be free when they are very expensive to manufacture is a red flag in the eyes of many and has increased vaccine skepticism.

The number of vaccines recommended for children according to this schedule is one of the most concerning factors contributing to the skepticism in America. The CDC’s vaccine schedule recommends dozens of vaccines for small children. By the time a child is 1, they should have received 23 vaccines at minimum, with more recommended depending on the circumstances. Many people think this is just too many vaccines and do not believe this chart is trustworthy. It also recommends a covid shot be received at 6 months old, so this just furthers the concern among many parents and adults about the safety and efficacy of these previously trusted vaccines.

If the pharmaceutical industry wants people to regain trust in the safety of their products, they should stop minimizing concerns expressed about them and actually address them. We are still seeing the media and Big Pharma denying the extent of the harms of covid. Seeing the covid vaccine still on the charts recommended to babies, children, and adults further undermines their credibility in the eyes of many. Hopefully we will see more corruption exposed in this industry and we can learn more about the truth of what is safe and effective in this time where we cannot trust healthcare officials or our governing leaders.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks

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