US Militias ENTERING MEXICO to Stop Illegals!!!

We’ve got a fascinating development at the southern border! It’s being reported that patriot militias are actually entering into Mexico to fight back against the drug and human trafficking that’s skyrocketed under Bumblin’ Biden! We’re going to see what’s going on at the southern border and why it signals nothing less than the rise of a new conservative age! You’re not going to want to miss this!


-The leftist media is ACTUALLY complaining about the militias illegally crossing Mexico’s border!

-This is only the beginning of the militia movement!

They’re being called border militias, patriots who’ve up and left their homes and careers to travel south and patrol the southern border to curb the surge in human trafficking and drugs like fentanyl that are coming across the border in droves as a result of the deliberate abdication of border security responsibilities by the Biden administration. Dozens of groups like Patriots for America and Veterans on Patrol are organizing at the southern border and often working together with Border patrol law enforcement officers to deter and apprehend those caught violating border laws. In fact, there are so many of them that they’re actually finding themselves in a bit of a competition to occupy the best locations among the sites that see the most activity of illegal border crossings! And perhaps because of this competition, it’s being reportedthat these patriot militia groups are indeed more and more starting to crossover to the other side! THEY are entering Mexico in order to curb and push back would-be border crossers! Now, ASTONISHINGLY this has upset the leftwing media! I kid you not, you can’t make this stuff up!

They are upset not only with the militias interfering with people crossing illegally into our nation, but, again, I kid you not, they’re upset that these border militias are illegally crossing into Mexico! It’s one border but with two fundamentally opposed reactions from liberals depending on which direction you’re going! It’s absolutely astonishing, and I think demonstrates how logical consistency is hardly a leftwing attribute! But regardless, it is true that patriot border militias are increasingly cutting the human and drug traffic flow before they even reach the border! And if they do reach the border, chances are they’ll encounter even more patriot militia members! And that’s because the presence and influence of militias is so prevalent at the southern border that the ultra-left and highly discredited SPLC, the Southern Poverty Law Center, nevertheless admitted that patriot militias have basically taken over the southern border! And they’re doing so in large part in cooperation with federal law enforcement! This is a pattern that we’re seeing throughout the nation, a pattern that leftist liberals only have themselves to blame for!

Both national organizations and smaller statewide militias recruit heavily from current and former law enforcement as well as military personnel who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, thousands of active and retired law enforcement officers have joined militia organizations over the last few years, and many believe this number is currently swelling, given how leftist lawmakers were so quick to disavow the police with their ‘defund and disband’ rhetoric! This is what makes all of the complaints from the legacy media, that has often championed defund the police rhetoric, so utterly ridiculous! During the race riots in the summer of 2020, the Washington Post complained law-enforcement actually welcomed the assistance of patriot militias in response to BLM protests. Some in the media went further, suggesting that militias and law-enforcement were becoming indistinguishable. The Guardian ran the rather panicked and hyperbolically sensationalist headline: ‘White supremacists and militias have infiltrated the police.’ Think Tanks like the Brookings Institute observe that this alliance between patriot militias and law-enforcement is resulting in militias playing an increasingly prominent role in American society and politics. From leading protests and demonstrations around COVID-19 restrictions to providing protection for protestors against the latest woke insanity, and NOW, to patrolling the southern border, militia presence and participation in civic activities is becoming more and more widespread, and more and more needed! Because something even deeper is going on to bring about this alliance between militias and law enforcement, something that guarantees that this new alliance is just beginning!

It’s your fault! It’s your fault! The tragedy of what’s happening at our southern border, where Biden is intentionally abdicating his constitutionally-mandated law-enforcement responsibilities, isn’t just a violation of national sovereignty; that would be bad enough; it’s the fact that, most of the fentanyl that’s killing tens of thousands of Americans is smuggled over land across the U.S.-Mexico border, this according to the DEA! Since last year, over 110,000 Americans have died from a drug overdose, 70 percent of those overdose deaths were from fentanyl. This is a totally preventable horror that’s beset us, but don’t tell that to the legacy media, who are more upset, vastly more upset over the presence of patriot militias and the appearance of “xenophobia” at our southern border than they are over a single one of those overdose deaths! This utterly deformed virtue signaling ironically only guarantees the continued surge in patriot militias and their ongoing alliance with law enforcement! Conservative America is increasingly recognizing that liberal America is done, it’s over; we look at their cities, virtually every city that the Democrats have overrun, and we can see that liberals have fully embraced societal rot and civilizational ruin! That’s what the legacy media represents today, and little more!

Conservative America knows that if we’re going to save what’s left of our nation, then it is incumbent upon us to do just that! No one’s going to come to save us, we know that; and so, a parallel society is rising up and walking away from the woke ashes. Patriots in all walks of life are standing up to defend our nation and our way of life, and that of course involves defending our borders as well as our law enforcement! Patriot militias are an intrinsic part of that new America, a new conservative America that embraces law and order against the chaos inherent in woke insanity! Liberals, in the midst of all their incessant whining and complaining, are falling, and we are rising! A new patriot age is truly dawning!