Ukraine ATTACKS Russia With US Supplied Weapons!

Two separate attacks shocked Russia over the weekend, one in Dagestan conducted by terrorists, and another in Sevastopol involving NATO-supplied missiles hitting beachgoers in Crimea. This is moving us ever closer to the brink of World War 3. We are going to take a look at the latest on the attacks and what to expect with the inevitable Russian response!

– The recent events in Dagestan and Sevastopol reflect a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict involving Russia, Ukraine, and their respective allies.

– The attacks, particularly those targeting religious sites during a significant religious weekend, are likely to unify the Russian populace in support of their government and its military actions.

– Putin may choose a measured response to avoid direct confrontation with NATO while still intensifying military actions in Ukraine.

Blood spilled in two separate regions in Russia over the weekend, threatening to escalate the growing conflict between Russian forces and the Ukrainian/NATO alliance. The first involved a number of terrorist attacks on an Orthodox church and two synagogues. In the Muslim Majority region of Dagestan that borders Georgia and Azerbaijan, terrorists who were armed with automatic weapons attacked two cities. They targeted the regional capital of Makhachkala as well as the city of Derbent about 80 miles away.

The targets of the attack were clearly religious sites. It’s now been confirmed that Russian Orthodox priest Fr Nikolai Kotelnikov was murdered. The terrorists slit his throat. Two synagogues, one in each city, were attacked and burned as well. As of Monday morning, upwards of 20 people have reportedly been killed, including at least six Russian police officers who were slain trying to stop the terrorists.

There are currently no confirmed reports on how many terrorists were involved or who they were. At least two of them have been killed by Russian law enforcement. Around the same time, Ukrainian forces launched five US-supplied ATACMS at the Crimean city of Sevastopol. It appears confirmed that Russian air defenses shot down four of the missiles while causing the fifth to deviate from its course and blow up in the air. Unfortunately, several beachgoers were killed and many more injured in the falling debris.

This attack, particularly the terrorist attacks in Dagestan, comes just months after a previous terror attack in Moscow, when ISIS militants stormed a rock concert and left over 140 people dead. It was a shocking display of brutality, but, back then, it only seemed to steel the resolve among the Russian population to complete the course of their campaign in Ukraine.

We can only expect the Russian people to be more unified than ever in rallying behind their president. The attacks appear to have been clearly aimed at fomenting religious strife with Russia. It is assumed that Muslims attacked the Orthodox church and two synagogues, including the killing of a Russian Orthodox Priest. The attacks took place on the Holy Weekend of Pentecost, which celebrates Christ pouring the Holy Spirit on earth to reawaken paradise through the life of the church.

This attack was clearly designed to provoke religious hostility and division. It only seemed to steel the resolve of the Russian people and further unify them in this Ukrainian campaign. However, unfortunately, what the attacks did, particularly the US-supplied ATACMS launch that hit the beachgoers, is precisely what a number of scholars such as John Mearsheimer and Jeffrey Sachs have been warning about.

This brings us closer to the brink of World war 3, a direct confrontation between NATO forces and Russia. The Kremlin summoned its ambassador and issued a formal warning to the United States, threatening that there will be inevitable consequences for the US’s direct involvement in attacks on Russian soil. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Biden administration and NATO gave the green light for Ukrainian forces to use NATO-weapons inside Russia as long as the targets were military targets and no civilian ones.

But obviously, an exploded missile shrapnel can be almost as deadly as the missile itself, and there’s no guaranteeing where that shrapnel will land, which means that Biden’s greenlighting of Ukrainian attacks inside the Russian Federation was bound to result in something precisely like this.

Kremlin spokesman Peskov issued a statement saying that Washington bears equal responsibility with the Kiev regime for this atrocity and the strike would not go unpunished. Russia is reporting that 82 people including 27 children were hospitalized with injuries from the strike in Sevastopol. Putin is under enormous pressure from hardliners inside the Kremlin who want him to launch a decapitation strike on Ukraine.

They’re not buying this long, protracted war of attrition where Ukrainian forces are just eventually completely worn down by Russia’s overwhelming numbers advantage. They want Putin to hit Ukraine decisively and end this thing, which he may end up doing after this.

Putin is likely going to handle this confrontation with the West comparably to the way he handled the earlier terrorist attack. He will likely not take the bait and directly confront the US and NATO. The fundamental reason why we don’t want such a confrontation is that it completely overturns the escalation ladder.
Every conflict involves escalation, and the winner is the one who can continue to escalate and the loser is the one who can’t. That’s how conflicts are ultimately won. The problem when dealing with two nuclear powers is that neither one has an escalation advantage, they can both annihilate each other. It’s mutually assured destruction and there is no escalation advantage. It would be foolhardy for two nuclear powers to directly confront one another. Vladimir Putin appears to understand this, but the question is whether the same goes for Biden!

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