Uganda BANS LGBT!!!

Woke liberalists are freaking out over what’s coming out of the nation of Uganda; we’re going to see the anti-LGBT law that was just passed, we’re going to see the threats coming from the Biden administration, and we’re going to see why it’s all too little too late, a new conservative age has already arrived!

-The nation of Uganda has said NO to degenerate lifestyles!

-The west is freaking out and the Biden regime is making it clear that LGBT propaganda is a primary goal of our foreign policy

-The vast majority of the world is rejecting or has already rejected this nonsense!

The Ugandan parliament overwhelmingly passed a bill that will in effect ban LGBT identities from their nation and impose severe punishments for violations related to same-sex relations. More than 30 African countries, including Uganda, already ban same-sex relations but this bill takes things to another level, and clearly seems aimed at expelling what is seen as Western liberal values from their nation! The BBC is reporting that lawmakers are going after IDENTITY, it’s not merely the practice, but more the lifestyle and indeed the ideology that both converge in LGBT identity politics that have become so rampant in western liberal nations! Uganda appears to want absolutely nothing to do with it; here’s some highlights from the proceedings:

The bill ended up passing overwhelmingly, and it now heads to the desk of President of Uganda who supports the bill and has promised to sign it. Needless to say, the Biden administration is utterly freaking out:

That is the utterly predictable, and I have to say, just rather bland response from the White House, that seemingly has no clue what’s happening here! And I have to say I really believe that; I really believe that our secular aristocracy, embedded in the ivory towers of our neo-feudalized society, has absolutely no idea what’s happening! But that’s why I’m here; that’s why we’re here! Look, what’s going on in Uganda is not unique! It’s not the exception! Yes, no question, its proposed penalties are certainly on the more extreme side of the spectrum but that spectrum is more and more the global rule, not the exception! What we have to come to terms with is that the backlash against LGBT identity politics is a very real one and it’s happening ALL over and this is key, it’s even happening WITHIN the Democratic Party. We saw this a few months back in an explosive local school board meeting in the city of Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn happens to be the most densely Muslim populated area in the United States, and this is the scene of what happened when these parents got word that books involving explicit LGBT content were being given to their kids, this was the result:

Now, keep in mind, this was happening in one of the bluest of blue districts in the nation; Dearborn votes 70 percent Democrat! And this district, that votes 70 percent dem, is rising up and pushing back against one of the other major constituencies of the Democratic Party, and that of course, in this case, is the LGBT community! So if this backlash against LGBT identity-politics is happening inside the very party that portends to be its greatest defender, how much more should we be expecting it to pervade the world? And that’s of course what we’re seeing! It’s not just Uganda! Wait until you hear what the president of Kenya is saying! It’s going to blow you away! Here’s CNN’s Christiane Amanpourinterviewing the newly elected President of Kenya William Ruto about his views on LGBT rights:

There you have it; the nation of Kenya has its own laws, we have our own constitution, we have our own traditions and customs, we will certainly respect other people’s customs but only as long as they respect ours! We absolutely respect everyone but we in turn expect to be respected for what WE believe in! In other words: who the hell do you think you are, CNN, to tell us Kenyans how to live? Who are you to lecture us on human rights? And of course, what President Ruto is doing there is he’s speaking on behalf of the whole of the non-Western world, nearly 90 percent of the world’s population! I mean, the backlash against LGBT identity politics is massive!

Russian legislatures are even now passing a bill that would ban all pro-LGBT propaganda from the nation. The nation of Hungary, under the leadership of the extremely popular prime minister Viktor Orban, who’s won 4 back-to-back landslide elections in a row, has enacted laws banning schools from using materials seen as promoting homosexuality and pro-LGBT values to students. In China, new media standards have been established throughout the nation banning what media regulators called, I kid you not, ‘sissy idols’ and ‘effeminate men.’ Even the nation of Japan, one of America’s staunchest allies, has consistently banned same-sex marriage and I haven’t even brought up the Middle East! We’re talking about whole continents who are pushing back against this! This is the new geopolitical reality; whether our liberal Western governing elite like it or not, they’ve LOST; they’ve lost the world, the world is entering into a new conservative age, a far more traditionalist, nationalist, civilizationalist world! And whether anyone likes it or not, LGBT identity politics doesn’t particularly fit in a renewed traditionalist, highly religious age like the one we’re entering! So they can virtue signal, they can grandstand, they can make all the threats they want, ALL it’s doing is driving the member nations of that traditionalist world closer together! A new conservative age is here; unfortunately, our woke liberal leaders will be the last to recognize it!