Tucker Drops TRUTH BOMBS!

Tucker Carlson is absolutely unstoppable! He just dropped some truth bombs that are going to inspire you like never before!

– Tucker Carlson emphasized the power of truth in today’s society during a speech in Utica, Michigan.

– He referred to a concept similar to “hyper-normalization,” which describes a situation where people recognize a corrupt and dishonest system but accept it because they cannot imagine an alternative.

– Tucker drew parallels to how truth played a role in the downfall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, highlighting the importance of truth in achieving freedom.

Tucker Carlson is once again lighting up the internet. He recently appeared in Utica, Michigan, speaking before a gathering of the Brighter Michigan Political Action Committee. The truth bombs he dropped were astonishing. He explained how truth is now our primary weapon in a system that operates totally and completely by lies!

Tucker Carlson is calling attention to something akin to what Soviet scholars called ‘hyper-normalization.’ It’s a term derived from studies of Russian citizens’ dispositions and inclinations towards the end of the Soviet experiment. What scholars found was that by the 70s and 80s, as the Soviet Union was beginning to wane, the vast majority of Russians knew that their system was totally corrupt and intellectually bankrupt. They knew they were being lied to by their leaders.

Even though everyone knew they were lying, the public nevertheless pretended to accept the lies. The lies became the social capital of society to such an extent that citizens had no other possible conception of society other than the lies. They knew everything was a lie, but they continued to accept the system because their cognized conception of reality could conceive of no other possible reality other than a system of lies. They remained in the system precisely because they found it impossible to imagine an alternative system.

This is a fraud that has, in effect, been normalized. Everyone knows that the powers-that-be are a corrupt fraud, but they put up with it anyway because they cannot imagine an alternative. Tucker is calling all of us to resist this kind of society, and we resist it by courageously speaking the truth. All of these lies and intimidation tactics seek to deliberately fabricate a society where people comply because they’ve lost any sense of an alternative to that compliance. There is no basis for dissent. Tucker argues that the ultimate expression of dissent in a world built on lies is courageously speaking the truth.

The great Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said ‘The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world!’ Speaking the truth is our greatest weapon! In a world built on lies, speaking the truth is the most devastating weapon to bring down such a world. Tucker is actually drawing from a time-tested principal here. Truth is what ultimately brought down the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union. Truth is what ultimately brought down a Soviet system built on lies. This is what Tucker is calling all of us to commit ourselves to. In a world built on lies, our greatest weapon is the truth. This is what ultimately will set us free!