Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk Consider Working Together!

Elon and Tucker are thinking about the demise of Fox News and the whole of the legacy media complex. A lot of complex things are brewing behind the scenes for the rise of a whole new media empire!

– Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson are reportedly discussing teaming up to build something huge.

– Fox News is allegedly trying to ensure his silence, but he is not intimidated.

– Tucker may be working with Elon Musk to build a new media empire!

It’s being widely reported that Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson are having discussions about teaming up and working together to build something huge. The conservation was first reported by the left-leaning Axios, which detailed how Tucker is already preparing to take on Fox News. According to the report, Tucker Carlson is ‘preparing to unleash allies to attack Fox News to bully the network into letting him work for — or start — a right-wing rival.

Bryan Freedman, the high-powered Hollywood lawyer Carlson retained for the contract dispute, told Axios, “The idea that anyone is going to silence Tucker and prevent him from speaking to his audience is beyond preposterous.” He was referring there to the oft-cited fact that Tucker’s contract with Fox doesn’t run out until 2025, after the upcoming presidential election. The suspicion is that Tucker was fired to silence him and remove his pro-Trump, pro-populist, anti-war voice from the public square.

Tucker has about 18 more months under this contract where he cannot compete against Fox News on air. He would be effectively shut down from any public influence for the foreseeable future. Moreover, Rolling Stone is reporting that they have eight sources that tell them that Fox News’ top brass have been stockpiling incriminating information on Tucker to ensure his silence! So the theory here is twofold, as long as they keep paying Tucker, he has to comply with the strictures of the contract, and if he decides to go rogue, they have oppo research to deter him from speaking out. But if that was the plan, it’s all unraveling. Even Rolling Stone is now admitting that none of this is going to stop Tucker. He is not even remotely intimidated and he is not going to be silenced. It looks like he’s enlisting the single most successful entrepreneur on the planet to do just that!

Tucker’s future may involve building a new media empire with Elon Musk! Tucker’s first video posted right after losing his show received over 70 million views on Twitter. Elon responded to that, he told Bill Maher that Twitter has a tremendous audience. There are approximately 250 million people that spend an average of half an hour on Twitter, so it’s about 120 to 130 million user hours per day, which has been increasing.

Musk noted that no one at Twitter did anything to enhance the reach of Tucker’s video. It was completely organic. That kind of reach just demonstrated the power of this new medium as a rival platform to the legacy media. By the time the legacy media reports on any story, in many respects, it’s already old news as far as Twitter is concerned. A partnership between Elon and Tucker would be exciting, and the legacy media is starting to sweat a bit over the prospect of this partnership.

The ultra-leftist Mehdi Hasan of MSNBC tweeted, ‘Remember when Musk pretended to be a ‘centrist’ against the extremes of left and right, and so many people believed him?’ The responses that the tweet got were amazing. Everyone called out Hasan for being a leftwing hack who couldn’t stomach the fact that someone calling himself a political centrist would want to team up with Tucker. Only a woke nut addicted to cancel culture would have a problem with people of different political points of view working amicably together.

The exact details of the meeting between Tucker and Elon have not been revealed, but already more are recognizing that this duo would be able to crush Fox News. In light of current data, this looks like it will not be hard. Fox News is currently making Bud Light look like a marketing genius. Since firing Tucker, Fox News has fallen off a rating cliff. These stats indicate the grave state Fox News is in: Among the coveted 25 to 54-year-old viewer demographic, Fox has lost 42% of its audience at the 6 pm hour, 62% at the 7 pm hour, and an astonishing 75% at the 8 pm hour, which was Tucker’s old slot. They have also lost 70% at the 9 pm hour and 66% at the 10 pm hour.

This is an absolute bloodbath. Fox is now consistently coming in behind MSNBC! The ultra-leftist MSNBC, which is a sad, pathetic cable news outlet that itself is hemorrhaging viewers, is getting a bigger audience than Fox. It is baffling to see a news company commit suicide in the way Fox has. If Tucker and Elon teamed up with a potential audience of 70 million viewers, the bloodbath Fox News is currently suffering would end up being fatal! One thing is sure, the future of parallel media is very bright, while for cable news, the future simply couldn’t be more bleak!

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