Trump’s Challengers are Dropping Like Flies!

First Pence, now Tim Scott. The single-digit midgets in the Republican primary are reading the writing on the wall and they are dropping out in droves. We are going to see how things have gotten even worse for the Democrats and Sleepy Joe, and we are going to see why the stage is being set for the biggest political comeback ever.

– South Carolina Senator Tim Scott announces the end of his presidential aspirations, following Mike Pence’s suspension of his campaign.

– Tim Scott’s rationale for dropping out is to focus on fighting antisemitism on college campuses, despite low polling support.

– President Trump is reported to be stronger than ever, surging in support across various demographic groups, while Biden faces a political downturn.

South Carolina senator Tim Scott announced the end of his presidential aspirations, marking the latest casualty in the Republican establishment’s ongoing efforts to thwart the MAGA movement and the inevitability of Donald Trump. As if to try to save face, Senator Scott went on to give one of the more bizarre rationales for why he dropped out:

According to Tim Scott, he is dropping out of presidential contention so that he can go to college campuses and fight antisemitism. It had nothing to do with the fact that he can’t get past 1% support in the polls. He is dropping out so he can virtue signal with the best of them. This announcement comes on the heels of former VP Mike Pence officially suspending his campaign.

The Babylon Bee nailed it with their characteristic wit and satire: ‘In his most popular move of his presidential campaign, Mike Pence ENDS his presidential campaign!’ It was over before it began, as has been the case with every single one of these other candidates, especially Ron DeSantis. Tim Scott is widely expected to throw his support behind his fellow South Carolinian Nikki Haley, who in turn is spending upwards of $10 million to bump DeSantis out of the race and establish herself as the chief challenger to Trump.

Both Haley and DeSantis are Dick Cheney in three-inch heels. They are both chasing a futile dream of thinking they can wrench the nomination away from Trump. It is beyond absurd in terms of the total intelligibility of their strategy. We have talked about this with the latest Chris Christie meltdown. Christie got up and proceeded to insult Republican voters, calling them afraid to hear the truth. The ultra-leftists over at MSNBC cheered him on in all of it. They completely agreed with everything Christie said, which reveals the utter incoherence of Chris Christie’s campaign.

It is not just the Republican single-digit midgets that are experiencing campaign problems. As if things couldn’t possibly get worse for Biden and his falling poll numbers. It’s now being widely reported that Jill Stein is back. The Green Party candidate that many believe cost Hillary the election in several swing states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will be back on the Green Party ticket.

Cornell West, who was the original Green Party candidate for 2024, left the party to pursue the White House as an independent. Independents have a notoriously difficult time getting on to ballots. For example, Rich Baris has noted that no independent candidate has successfully gotten on Arizona’s or Georgia’s ballot since 1992, since Ross Perot, who had tens of millions of dollars in his wealth to buy his way onto those ballots. This is something neither RFK Jr nor Cornell West can do.

Jill Stein is back, and she threatens to siphon votes from Biden. There is now talk of Democrat Joe Manchin, who has dropped out of contention for the West Virginia senate because he was going to lose in a humiliating landslide, launching a third-party presidential candidacy. This promises to bleed Biden of even more votes. Things are getting dire for Biden and the Democrats’ hopes to hold on to the Senate in 2024.

West Virginia is now guaranteed to flip to the GOP, and that appears to be just one of several seats that could flip to the Republicans in 2024. Things are starting to shake out here. President Trump, as it has been reported for the last several weeks, is stronger than ever. He is surging with all the right groups, as Biden is cratering in the polls. We will have to see how things continue to play out, but right now it is absolutely clear: this is Trump’s moment. We appear to be seeing a political comeback in the making like we have never seen before.

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