Trump Will SKIP Next GOP Debate!

Trump has made a huge announcement that promises to shake up the 2024 election like never before. We are going to see why it’s such a gamechanger for politics as we have known it for decades!

– President Trump has announced his decision to skip upcoming GOP debates and attend a rally in support of striking autoworkers in Michigan instead.

– Trump’s substantial lead in the GOP primaries is historically unprecedented, with a nearly 50-point advantage over his nearest rival in recent polls.

– The Democratic margin among non-white working class voters has decreased significantly, posing a challenge for the party in future elections.

President Trump has announced that he will once again skip the upcoming waste-of-time GOP debates and this time he will counter those debates by appearing at a rally for striking autoworkers in Michigan. The primary debates are nothing more than an artificial attempt at keeping donor money flowing into the pockets of politicians and advisers. That is the only reason why these debates are happening. Politically speaking, they mean nothing. Even the ultra-leftwing outlet The Nation recognizes that GOP debates without the guy leading by upwards of 60 points is the very definition of pointless.

What we are seeing in terms of Trump’s lead in the primaries is historically unprecedented. No candidate has ever seen this kind of lead in an open primary, and no candidate with even half his lead has gone on to lose the primary. The RCP aggregate polling shows that around this time in 2015, the last time we had a major GOP primary, Trump had a 12-point advantage over everyone else. In September of 2011, Romney had a +1.8 advantage, and in 2007, Rudy Giuliani was leading with a +10 advantage.

In the last three major GOP primaries, around this time in early September, the leader was either +12, +1.8, or +10. According to the latest Wall Street Journal poll, Trump is beating DeSantis 59 to 13. Trump is leading by nearly 50 points. This is why President Trump isn’t even remotely bothering himself with these GOP debates. There is no point. The last debate was a ratings disaster compared to the first primary debate that featured Trump back in 2016 which got three times the views as this one a few weeks ago. Part of the reason for that is that everyone was watching Trump getting interviewed by Tucker.

Even Elon Musk is pointing out that the views for Tucker’s interview with Trump now exceeds the population of the United States. It has recieved hundreds of millions of views. Fox News is groveling for Trump to give up one of his nights to participate in a pathetic, pointless debate that no one would otherwise watch. Trump knows he has this nomination wrapped up. The voting is just a formality at this point.

As many of you know, the united auto workers are currently striking against the big three automakers — General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler-parent Stellantis — it’s the first time they’ve staged a full strike on all three at the same time. They are threatening to strike more plants if their demands are not met. They’re striking in large concern over the impact green and electric vehicle initiatives are having on the US manufacturing industry, given that so much of the green tech is manufactured in China.

Trump has already issued his support for the striking autoworkers, saying, ‘The United Auto Workers are being sold the ‘drain’ with this all electric car scheme. Those crudes will be made in China under Joe’s China-first policy. Autoworkers, vote for Trump – I’ll make you a winner and rich. If your ‘leaders’ won’t support me, vote them out of office now. With Democrats and Crooked Joe calling the shots, you will be unemployed and underemployed within 4 years. Remember, Biden is a crook paid millions of dollars by China and others. He is the Manchurian candidate!!!’

This is why the Democrats and the establishment are so freaked out over Trump. In 2016, Trump officially transformed the Republican base into a thoroughly blue-collar working class base. White working class voters, manufacturing workers, factory workers, who historically voted exclusively Democrat, defected in droves to vote for Trump in both 2016 and 2020. There were nearly 200 counties that had voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1984 by a 20-point margin that suddenly swung over and voted for Trump by a comparable 20-point margin. That makes a 40-point-swing to the nationalist populist right.

Hillary Clinton lost the white working class vote so badly that even if she got Barack Obama’s level of the black vote, she still would have lost. Now Axios is reporting that the Democrats are officially losing ground, fundamentally, with the non-white working class. Obama won non-white working-class voters by a whopping 67-point margin in 2012. In 2020, Biden beat Trump by an overwhelming 48-point margin among non-white working class voters. But now according to the latest NYT/Sienna poll, Biden’s lead over Trump with this once-solidly Democratic constituency is just 16 points: 49%–33%!

The Democrat margin for non-white working class voters has plummeted from 70% to now just 16% in 10 years. What so many in the Republican donor class don’t get is that this election ultimately comes down to the rust belt. This includes the working class states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Georgia. Only one Republican candidate is crushing it with the working class, both white and non-white working class, and that is Donald Trump. He is the working class candidate. This is why he’s being indicted and the ultra-leftists over at MSNBC are having live on-air meltdowns. The working class, once the foundation of the Democrat coalition, has shattered that coalition and has aligned fully with Trump. This rally with the united auto workers is only going to solidify that political realignment that promises to crush the Democrats in 2024!

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