This past Saturday, President Trump addressed a raucous audience at the annual Libertarian National Convention. “I think you should nominate me or at least vote for me, and we should win together,” stated the former president. However, Trump’s olive branch was staunchly rejected by the crowd. Trump’s remarks were met with constant booing and animosity, with several party members being removed by law enforcement. 

Trump, however, didn’t let up. He continued to remind the audience of his political persecution, specifically the 88 charges he faces between federal and state jurisdictions. and even claimed that the Libertarian party should nominate him for President. 

 “Only do that if you want to win; if you want to lose, don’t do that. Keep getting your 3% every four years,” the President said jokingly.

Despite the discord in the crowd, Trump touted his stellar agenda, specifically focusing on policies that appeal to Libertarians such as isolationism, cryptocurrency, and deregulating the federal government. Luckily for the former President, there was a pro-Trump contingent that attempted to drown out the boos by constantly shouting “We want Trump!”

Another moment of tension surrounded the prison sentence of The Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht. Supporters of Ulbricht displayed “Free Ross” signs, and despite Trump’s insistence on a presidential pardon, the crowd remained despondent. 

Many right-wingers consider the Libertarian party as a nominal ally, but the party’s antipathy towards President Trump demonstrates which side it’s truly on. Libertarians do not view Trump as a vessel for consequential right-wing change. Instead, they see him as an arrogant authoritarian who does not represent Libertarian ideals. Several post-convention interviews confirmed this.

“I despise him. He’s an authoritarian. He does not support libertarian ideals,” said a delegate from New York. This begs the question—what are Libertarian ideals? Considering attendees booed Trump’s anti-immigration and anti-transgender rhetoric, it’s obvious that Libertarians are not our friends. It’s time for the rest of the right to understand this reality. 

Preston Parra is a Contributor for Turley Talks.

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