Trump Raises $200 MILLION DOLLARS 72 Hours After Guilty VERDICT!

Donald Trump has risen to a political height not seen in decades. The backlash against the verdict is beyond anything we could ever have imagined.

– Trump received a thunderous standing ovation from fans and fighters alike at the UFC 302 event.

– Over the weekend, Trump raised an astounding $200 million in just 72 hours.

– 30% of the small donations were from first-time donors, indicating a strong grassroots support base.

Over the weekend, Donald J. Trump entered the arena for the UFC 302 event like no one else on the planet! The standing ovation was thunderous, and it wasn’t just the fans, the fighters were all in Trump’s corner as well:

UFC champion Sean Strickland celebrated his win that night by taking a selfie with President Trump! He promised to be one of the tens of millions who are donating to President Trump’s campaign!

The numbers from Trump’s fundraising over the weekend are in, and they are utterly staggering. Eric Trump, whose wife Lara Trump is co-chair of the RNC, discussed the unprecedented, titanic fundraising total over the weekend:

Trump has raised $200 million in 72 hours! We are getting information that $100 million of that is coming from the Israeli-American billionaire Miriam Adelson who is the wife of the late casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. She has reportedly pledged $100 million to the Trump campaign in the days since his criminal conviction. She and her late husband gave over $200 million to Republican causes in 2020 and she appears poised to donate heavily again for 2024. Adelson is the latest of a number of billionaires who have announced they’re all in with Trump. It appears we are seeing something of a civil war going on inside the billionaire class where half of them seem to recognize that the world is going in a very different direction than western liberal globalization.

Eric Trump disclosed that $70 million dollars of that $200 million dollar haul came from small donations. 30% of these came from donors who had never before given to a political campaign. Almost half of that $200 million was raised by small donations, 30% of whom were first-time donors. The backlash this venomous verdict has unleashed is beyond comprehension. Trump has raised more money in 72 hours than Biden has over the course of the entire campaign. Most people are clearly seeing this as the sham it is and are so tired of Biden and the left that they are feeling compelled to donate! Patriots are rising up like never before to take down Biden in 2024!

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