Trump Predicted to Win by a LANDSLIDE in COUNTLESS POLLS

We are seeing many leftwing polling sites and media outlets openly admitting that Trump is crushing Biden following the debate last Thursday. This is the latest Trump campaign ad that’s airing across the nation reminding tens of millions of voters of the utter trainwreck we all collectively witnessed last Thursday night:

– The recent forecast from The Economist gives Trump a 73% chance of winning the November election, predicting he will secure around 308 electoral votes.

– Democrats and the legacy media are now openly calling for Biden to drop out due to concerns over his declining popularity and potential down-ticket damage.

– With Biden unlikely to drop out, the party faces a challenging situation, as they must contend with a potentially weakened candidate heading into the election.

The latest election forecast from The Economist that just dropped this morning is now giving Trump a 73% chance of winning in November, which is his highest ever. They are predicting he will win with about 308 electoral votes.

Editorial boards of leftist regime media outlets continue to call on Biden to drop out. They’ve been lying to us for 3 ½ years, and they are now openly admitting they cannot lie anymore! They’re panicking not because they saw Biden for who he really is, but because we did!

In a report from Axios, we see that the REAL extent of the fallout from last Thursday night is starting to hit them. Now they are panicking about the down-ticket damage that Biden is going to cause. If his numbers have started to implode, it’s most likely only going to get worse. We could be seeing Trump entering September with a double-digit national lead.

The problem with this for the democrat establishment is that when we see Trump with such a dominant lead, congressional and senate Democrats will likely be comparably decimated and wiped-out.

At the same time, we are getting more confirmation that Biden is NOT going to be dropping out. Jill Biden has no intention whatsoever of leaving the Oval Office. The Democrats are stuck with the shell of a man that they stuck the country with 3 ½ years ago and it looks like their worst nightmares are about to come true!

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