Trump May WIN a Blue State!

Months of polling are causing the Democrats to panic! They are about to LOSE one of the most reliably blue states in the entire nation! We’re going to see the latest on how President Trump is poised to flip a state that no Democrat ever imagined possible in their worst nightmares!

– A Survey USA poll suggests Minnesota is in a statistical tie between Trump and Biden, with Biden leading slightly at 44% to 42%, while a third-party candidate holds 11%.

– Trump is gaining support in rural areas and eating into Biden’s urban support among Latinos and Blacks.

– The outcome of the Minnesota polls may indicate a challenging road ahead for Biden and the legacy media in the upcoming election.

The state of Minnesota, a state that not even Ronald Reagan won, is poised to flip to Trump. Take a look at this Survey USA poll that just dropped yesterday: right now, Trump and Biden are in a statistical tie, with Biden slightly leading 44 to 42. The key factor here is the amount of support for a third-party candidate, it’s at 11%. Red Eagle Politics had a great analysis of this. He pointed out that the rule of thumb in Minnesota is that if the third-party vote share hits the 8% threshold, Donald Trump has a very good shot at actually winning the state. This is exactly what local Minnesota news coverage is saying.

This polling is being corroborated by the RCP average. Biden is leading by an average of just 2 points! By comparison, in 2020 Biden was leading by over 7. Biden ended up winning Minnesota by only 2 in 2020. The polling average way overstated the Democrat support for Biden. Apparently, that’s been a pattern over the years. Minnesota tends to overpoll for the Democrats and underpoll Republican support.

All of the polls that we’re seeing coming out of Minnesota represent a horrendous collapse in support for Biden in what is, at least in terms of presidential elections, the single most reliable Democrat state of them all, again, not even Reagan was able to win Minnesota. And in that analysis, we saw from local Minnesota news, we are seeing why Biden is losing.

Trump is crushing it in the rural areas and at the same time he’s eating into the margins of Biden’s support in urban areas among Latinos and Blacks. Trump is seeing the highest support among non-white voters ever for a Republican candidate. This surge has a lot of pundits talking about the end of Biden before November.

More people are realizing that they’re being given a choice, every single day. The people are now believing their own eyes seeing Biden falling all over the place, and believing their ears when we hear Biden failing to be able to put together two intelligible sentences. We are believing in our own wallet in terms of rising gas prices and a falling dollar. We believe our own sense of danger when walking the crime-ridden streets of any major city. If these polls in Minnesota are any indicator, it appears that the verdict is in, and come November, the legacy media is not going to like the answer!

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