Trump Indicted AGAIN?!

As if the lawfare and weaponization of justice in America wasn’t bad enough, President Donald Trump has been indicted on 7 counts regarding his retention of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate. The Miami Federal Prosecutor’s office is seeking charges under the espionage act.

I think it is safe to say that this weaponization just got a whole lot more serious than the Stormy Daniels, Alvin Bragg nonsense. This is a much more real attempt to take down Trump despite still being blatantly partisan and not based in reality. We know Joe Biden has been discovered with classified documents from well before he was President meaning he was ACTUALLY breaking the law as a former VP and Senator. Trump, by definition, was in the office responsible for declassifying documents. He retains nothing from outside the purview of his time in the oval office as CHIEF EXECUTIVE. To make the argument that many on the deranged, neoliberal left are making about Trump being unable to declassify certain documents and whatnot betrays what has effectively been an overt deep state coup against the only elected member of the executive branch. Michael Tracey puts it well:

President Trump released a video on Truth Social excoriating the corrupt DOJ and federal apparatus of legal bureaucrats who have been waging war on Trump’s ability to Make America Great Again since the day he came down that golden escalator! Since the Russia hoax, the Stormy Daniels nonsense, the multiple impeachments, the belabored attempts to meme a white supremacist terror threat into reality since Charlottesville, and thousands of other media hoaxes have come and gone, it is clear that they fear nothing more than a resurgent America First, Trumpist 2024 revival.

Trump has come out and pledged the most robust deportation program for illegal immigrants in American history and is the only one with both the proven ability to succeed and mass appeal to mobilize the increasingly aggrieved white/rural working class. Even if his foreign policy wasn’t neoconservative in its truest sense, Ron Desantis does not possess these qualities. Just recently we saw Mike Pence on TV refusing to say whether he would pardon President Trump if he were to ascend to the Presidency. Pence, of course, is only relevant due to being Trump’s running mate and will never come within 100 miles of even winning the Republican Primary but it goes to show that the establishment within the GOP is going all in on post-Trump 2024. McConnell was probably overjoyed by these indictments. Trump was seen just the following day enjoying his time on the golf course. It’s safe to say he is not afraid of these desperate technocrats!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at TurleyTalks

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