Trump CRUSHES Biden on Ukraine!!!

The Hill has just published the results of a Harvard-Harris survey that is utterly devastating for Biden! According to the poll, 62 percent of American voters believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have never invaded Ukraine had President Trump still been in office! Which of course raises the question: how many of those 62 percent voted for Biden! We know at the very least that 38 percent of Democrats, let that hit you, nearly 40 percent of Democrats believe that! So, then, who’s really to blame for all of this? That’s what Mike Cernovich wants to know Shortly after Russian tanks crossed the border into Ukraine he tweeted out: ‘You have to own this. All 81,000,000 of you. You destroyed military careers over the vaccine. Do you realize how trifling you look like now? How pathetic and weak? Tonight is how human history really looks, you coddled weak little brats.’

As for President Trump, he minced no words. He was speaking at CPAC in Orlando over the weekend and had a lot to say about not just Biden, but the whole permanent political class. That’s why he’s the GOAT; the greatest of all time! As for Biden, his poll numbers are literally crumbling; according to an ABC News poll, about as liberal as an organization can get, Biden has fallen to just 37 percent, and this is after ABC did everything they could to weigh the poll in favor of the Democrats! The same poll found that the congressional Republicans have just opened up a near 20 point lead over the Democrats on the generic ballot! 20 points! This is absolutely unprecedented! Another Harvard/Harris poll found that Biden is at 38 percent approval! He’s clearly fallen into the 30s and he can’t get up; he cannot get out of this malaise, and that, of course, is because Biden is a malaise!

 The mainstream media is doing everything they possibly can to try to humiliate Trump on Putin. Even Mittens Romney, the king of the RINOs is doing everything he can to try to blame Ukraine on Trump! Mittens is actively out there trying desperately to blame the Russian-Ukrainian war on President Trump! Well, as you could have predicted given the absurdity of such, it is not working, and these polls that are coming out are reflecting the exact opposite. American voters recognize that Biden looks weak and Putin is exploiting that weakness; Biden looks pathetically weak and frail, and that’s of course because he is weak and frail. The world is taking notice and acting accordingly in terms of what they think is their own best interests in an increasingly fading DC establishment! But those same voters, even 40 percent of Democrats, recognize that the same is fundamentally not true with Trump, or would not have been true. Victor Davis Hanson has a great piece that’s titled: ‘Why Putin Has Not Been Deterred’ and it’s an excellent analysis contrasting Trump’s policies with Bumblin’ Biden’s policies, and why those policies resulted in such different outcomes with regard to Russia and Russia’s actions.

Do you sense a comeback? With that speech in Orlando, it looks more sure than ever that Trump is indeed coming back! When Trump was in power, his energy policy centered on a mass increase in pumping oil and gas domestically and had the effect of crashing Russian oil prices! The key to that is that without the leverage of energy supply, Putin had little political leverage to do whatever he wanted geopolitically! I don’t think we realize just how key energy independence was to Trump’s vision of stabilizing the geopolitical order! Energy independence kept both Russia and the Middle East on their heels, and effectively cut them off from acting on any grievances they had with their neighbors! Add to that Trump’s taking on China, for 4 years, Trump hammered Russia’s number one ally and trade partner. Look at how Trump treated North Korea. Remember when he told Kim Jung Un that ‘my nuclear button is bigger than yours.’ You add to that Trump’s ordering the assassination of the Iranian general Solemani and his crushing of ISIS, and it becomes clear that there was no way that Putin was going to doing anything like what we’re seeing today! Trump had full command of the geopolitical order in a way that Bumblin’ Biden has completely let falter! With the United States’ energy independence squandered in the name of leftwing environmentalism, Russia has been able to go back to dictating oil prices which all of us are going to feel very, very soon! Germany, with the canceling of Nord Stream 2, is going to see their energy costs skyrocket, again, all in the name of woke environmentalism.

Moreover, Nato is largely fractured. Old Joe Biden looks incredibly weak and woke. Putin now sees the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, appears to be more concerned about white privilege than he was about the Afghanistan troop withdrawal! That botched troop withdrawal didn’t just make America weaker on the world stage, which it certainly did, but it also had the inadvertent effect of putting Vladimir Putin at the center of the world stage! Britain, in particular, turned to Russia for what they’re called Russia’s quote ‘moderating influence’ over the Taliban. Macron did the same thing; Germany as well. Much of the world moved towards Moscow after the fall of Kabul; all of this, all this feeds into Putin’s sense that he has the West right where he wants them, and that is what has ultimately emboldened him to move as he has on Ukraine! Needless to say, elections certainly have consequences, and those consequences aren’t just felt here at home! Not only is Bumblin’ Biden collapsing here, but he’s also contributing to nothing less than the collapse of the geopolitical order. Voters are now recognizing that, and voters, in a matter of months, will have the chance of beginning to correct the ridiculous and absurd mistake that is this administration!