Trump Calls for Cheney ‘TREASON’ Tribunal!

Liz Cheney and the Washington establishment are panicking today as reports are coming out that Trump is threatening televised military tribunals against them. The legacy media is flipping out not just over the prospect of an imminent return of Trump, but fierce political retribution against his enemies. We are going to see the latest on what’s going on with our panicked political class and why, in the end, they only have themselves to blame for their own demise!

– Trump’s campaign is gaining momentum with recent victories, focusing increasingly on his promise to “drain the swamp.”

– Trump’s reposting of memes calling for military tribunals against Liz Cheney and suggesting other officials belong in jail has stirred controversy and media backlash.

– The irony highlighted is that Democrats would bear responsibility if such actions were pursued, risking a cycle of political retaliation and escalating animosity between parties.

As the Trump campaign continues to soar as the result of a string of wins over the last several days, Trump himself is honing in on the message of once and for all draining the swamp. That means, according to the legacy media, political retribution on his and America’s treasonous enemies. 

A headline from Drudge says, “Trump calls for Cheney ‘Treason’ Tribunal.” The headline reflects the fact that Trump is indeed ratcheting up his rhetoric on crushing his corrupt political opponents once he wins, which is increasingly shaping up to be a landslide. The polls are absolutely astonishing! The Democrats and the legacy media are freaking out because Trump reposted a meme on Truth Social calling for military tribunals against Liz Cheney. 

He also reposted another meme that has pictures of 15 former and current officials such as Biden, Harris, Pence, Pelosi, and McConnell saying THEY are the ones who should be going to jail and not Steve Bannon. As a result of those two reposts, the far left activists disguised as journalists at the New York Times absolutely flipped out, claiming that Trump, in reposting that meme, was ‘amplifying calls’ to jail top elected officials, even invoking military tribunals. 

What seems so bizarre with the Times headline and the panic that’s beginning to set in among Democrat and Rino-establishment figures is the self-unawareness that they are the ones who are jailing their political opponents. Steve Bannon was just sent to jail for doing precisely what Merrick Garland just did, he defying a congressional subpoena. 

If Trump were to go ahead with this, the irony is that Democrats would only have THEMSELVES to blame for it. The political animosity between the two parties can only go so far. The moment one party begins indicting their political opponents, they have guaranteed mutually assured destruction because there is no way the opposing political party is going to sit around and not do the same to their opponents. 

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