Truckers STOP DELIVERING to New York City Following Corrupt Ruling In Trump Case!!!

Patriots are rising up against the insidious lawfare launched against President Trump. New York City, the cesspool of liberal corruption, is about to find out what happens when you try to take on the forces of MAGA!

– Truckers are going on strike in New York City!

– Patriots are standing up against the efforts of the left to politically persecute Trump.

– The democrats are attempting to completely abolish the rule of law, but many conservatives are standing up against these attempts.

A massive truckers strike is going into effect over the next seven days against the woke cesspool of New York City. A trucker named Chicago Ray has a huge following on X, and he seems to be the first one to have announced that truckers across the nation are officially boycotting delivering goods to New York City. This is in protest over the ridiculous, corrupt, delusional verdict handed down by the creepy New York Judge Arthur Engoron who valued Mar-a-Lago at an absurd $18 million and fined President Trump $355 million last week in what many consider to be one of the single most outrageous fraud rulings in the history of jurisprudence.

MAGA country is rising up. The people have had it with this weaponization of our legal system by corrupt woke Democrats who are investigating a man to find a crime rather than following the protocols of the rule of law which investigate a crime to find a perpetrator. They have already declared Trump guilty, and so now it’s just finding a crime to pin on him. America’s truckers appear to be the first ones rising up.

Truckers across the nation are not the only ones rising up against this utterly absurd insane ruling. Even TV stars like Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank are coming out and saying that this ruling has the potential of absolutely devastating New York’s real estate market:

And again, it’s not just truckers or real estate investors, even legal analysts are excoriating this absurd ruling! Fox legal analyst Jonathan Turley is absolutely torching the insanity of this ruling, especially given that no one is suing Trump, no money has been lost, and all loans have been paid back. Woke Democrats are weaponizing the law against law abiding citizens. Turley points out that the court actually admitted that no one lost a single dime in any of these business dealings, and in fact one witness from one of the banks testified that they wanted to do more business with Trump, who was described as the ideal client who provided high yield business opportunities.

This case is absolutely ridiculous on its merits, but then the absurdly grotesque ruling fining Trump over $300 million worth of damages should shock the conscience of any judge on appeal. It’s very unlikely that New York City will see anything even remotely resembling that ruling paid up by Trump. The whole of the case most likely will be thrown out on appeal. Even if the Democrat-appointed judges on the New York Court of Appeals ignore the obvious inequity and unfairness of this ruling, the Supreme Court would most certainly end up intervening, as they should. What happened in New York City over the weekend signifies, at least in part, that Democrats are hellbent on destroying the rule of law that serves as the judicial infrastructure of our constitutional republic.

Kelly Wong is making the headlines this week because she has become the first non-citizen to be officially appointed to an election commission. The ultra-woke city of San Francisco has appointed a non-citizen, someone who legally can’t vote in an election, to their election commission. This happened after San Francisco voters removed the citizenship requirement for those seeking office on city boards, commissions, and advisory bodies. The Democrat Party is officially a post-American party. They despise our nation and they viscerally hate our history, culture, customs, and traditions. Everything they do involves tearing down those traditions and erecting a post-America globalist state that deliberately and actively weaponizes the system against America’s patriots.

There is no rule of law anymore as far as the Democrats are concerned! We are seeing patriots rise up like never before. The Great Awakening that we are now seeing in the form of these amazing patriot truck drivers is a citizen-led uprising that is not waiting around for the Republicans to get their act together. MAGA country, which, according to studies, comprises 80% of the nation, is rising up. Patriots are rising up and we are rebuilding our nation into a nation of faith, family, and freedom that will relegate the woke antics of progressive tyrants to the ash heap of history!

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