Truckers Shutting Down NYC?!

The trucker backlash against the lawfare in New York City is growing. We are going to see the latest on how patriots are effectively disrupting the city’s supply chain and hear arguments from people claiming that a civil war is imminent. We will also see where the conflict between red and blue states may be headed.

– Truckers, led by Chicago Ray, initiated a boycott of delivering goods to New York City.

– President Trump endorses the boycott, citing it as a defense of freedom and a reaction to the misuse of law enforcement by the Biden administration.

– Influential investors like Grant Cardone and Kevin O’Leary pledge to cease investments in New York in response to the recent outrageous ruling

A trucker named Chicago Ray has a huge following on X, and he was the first one to announce that truckers across the nation were going to officially boycott delivering goods to New York City over the next seven days in response to New York courts weaponizing the law against President Trump. Since then, we have been getting several confirmations that a national boycott is indeed underway. Here’s the latest from Chicago Ray himself:

President Trump has weighed in on all of this, and he’s of course giving his full support to the boycott. He wrote, “Such an honor to have so many Great Patriots on the side of FREEDOM! Joe Biden’s Unfair and Dangerous Weaponization of Law Enforcement is a serious threat to Democracy. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” That is what these truckers are seeking to do.

We can track the status of this boycott because, as Yahoo News is reporting, it would show up on a site called Freight Waves and their SONAR platform that tracks supply chain data and flow. That data would detect an interruption in the supply chain trucker routes to New York City, so we can see in real time the extent to which this trucker boycott is having a very real effect. There is a growing rebellion among real estate investors against the state of New York as a whole.

Grant Cardone is the latest real estate investor to publicly pledge never to invest in New York again after the insane ruling last week that promises to implode New York’s real estate market. Cardone is publicly calling on all real estate investors to pull out of New York and double down on red states like Tennessee, Texas, and Florida. He joins billionaire investor Kevin O’Leary who has declared New York the biggest loser state in the union, even surpassing California, and he and several other mega-investors are publicly calling on all real estate investors to pull out of New York.

The devastation to New York’s real estate market is now so real that their feckless governor had to admit that this was all about Trump. While the trucker boycott is most likely temporary, a real estate investor boycott threatens to devastate New York for the foreseeable future. What is so fascinating here is how the trucker boycott and the red-state, blue-state conflicts are once again inflaming concerns about the breakout of a full-fledged civil war. It’s a concern that simply won’t go away.

According to a study by the Brookings Institute from 2008, Democrat-voting districts encompassed 39% of the US land area as compared with the 61% expanse of Republican districts. By 2018, that number changed dramatically. Democrat-voting districts imploded to just 20% of the map; Republicans now dominate 80% of the nation’s land mass. Democrat regions have become almost entirely consigned to urban, coastal, metropolitan areas surrounded by a massive sea of red regions. This would be very significant were civil war-like hostilities to break out.

Red regions could effectively besiege the blue regions, cutting off their supply lines, and red regions have all the natural resources. Red regions have all the commodities they need for the food and fuel necessary for social stability. Blue regions, on the other hand, being primarily urban and cosmopolitan, are wholly dependent on supply chains for virtually all of their daily resources. This trucker boycott may be a foreshadowing of what’s to come for blue cities as a whole. Hopefully, nothing like that ever happens, but the trucker boycott, as well as the real estate boycott, is a warning to blue regions across the country. If red-state America decides it no longer wants anything to do with blue cities, they will collapse. We have all the finance, food, and fuel we need for civilizational flourishing while all the left has are a bunch of creepy judges like the one who caused all of this with his disastrous ruling!

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