Trans Athletes BANNED from Women’s Sports in Texas!


A major national collegiate organization has officially banned trans athletes from competing in women’s sports, and the vote was unanimous. DEI has been abolished in the state of Texas. DEI officers are being fired everywhere throughout the Lone Star state to comply with a new sweeping law!

– The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics unanimously voted to ban transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports, citing fairness and Title IX.

– The prioritization of fairness over inclusion in sports competition was emphasized by these rulings, highlighting the clash between liberal values.

– Texas legislators passed SB 17 in response to reports of radical DEI ideologies infiltrating public universities, warning of funding cuts for non-compliance.

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics has voted unanimously to ban transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports. The NAIA said that it supported the quote “fair and safe competition for all student-athletes” and that “Title IX ensures there are separate and equal opportunities for female athletes.” Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational institutions.

The Biden administration has been trying to expand Title IX to include the allowance of trans athletes competing in women’s sports, but that futile effort appears to have fallen flat. Given the fake news media’s carelessness with the truth, this is not a transgender ban on athletic competition. That’s the way the legacy media likes to report on this. The decision is very clear: “Only NAIA student-athletes whose biological sex is female may participate in NAIA-sponsored female sports.” Any athlete, trans or non-trans, can compete in any sport as long as they are competing with athletes of the same biological sex.

This decision by the NAIA is the latest in an increasingly long line of decisions defending women’s sports. In March last year, the World Athletics Council, the governing body for international track and field competitions, announced that they were officially barring all transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports competitions. What was so interesting in that decision was that they explicitly stated that they were prioritizing fairness over inclusion.

The World Athletics Council recognized that trans-athlete competition foregrounded a clash between two liberal values: fairness and inclusion. The council recognized that what we are dealing with here in the controversy over whether trans athletes can compete with biologically female athletes is a clash between these liberal values. The council concluded that siding with inclusion here undermines the foundational rationale for legitimate sports competition, which is fairness!

Without fairness, you don’t have legitimate sports competition. Fairness is intrinsic to legitimate sports competition. Sports competition involves all sorts of permissible discrimination. Heavyweights are barred from competing against lightweights, for example. The Council sided overwhelmingly and rightly with the primacy of fairness in ruling on this issue of trans athletes. The World Athletics Council decision came on the heels of a comparable decision from the swimming world’s international governing body known as FINA, which stands for the International Swimming Federation.

FINA decisively ruled that post-pubescent biological males would be banned without exception from competing in women’s swimming competitions. That involved the swimmer Lia Thomas who was widely touted by our fawning leftwing legacy media as ‘making history’ by becoming the first openly transgender athlete to win a Division 1 National Championship. What they failed to mention was that Lia Thomas was ranked 554th when competing against males. It appears that sanity is winning the day, slowly but surely, in collegiate sports.

The University of Texas has just laid off over 60 DEI officers and workers in compliance with a new law that has gone into effect that abolishes DEI throughout the lone star state! Christopher Rufo first blew the roof off of the whole DEI industry in Texas. It was radical and infested the whole of Texas’ public universities. The University of Texas had been captured by leftwing ideologies that involved pushing DEI materials throughout the university’s core curricula. Based on that report, Texas legislators responded by passing SB 17 which officially terminated funding for such programs.

University officials have been doing their best to try to skirt the new law. As you saw by that report, it was to no avail. Texas legislators warned the university under no uncertain terms that they stand to lose millions in funding if they continued with their DEI antics. They’ve officially complied, and DEI is now dead in Texas. It’s a huge blow to woke warriors trying to indoctrinate rather than educate!

It’s not just Texas, West Virginia has a growing list of banned financial institutions from their state. The West Virginia state treasurer announced on Monday that Citibank, TD Bank, Northern Trust, and HSBC Holdings have been officially banned from state contracts over their ESG policies. West Virginia is banning these banks from accessing billions of dollars in state contracts. We are seeing a massive red-state backlash against woke social engineering, which promises to be just the beginning!

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