Trans Activist Stoops to New Level of Insanity!

The latest woke insanity, as usual, is unbelievable! It is difficult to even begin to intelligibly conceive of this craziness!

– Left-wing activist screams at San Francisco Board of Supervisors over the shooting of a black transgender person.

– Woke movement undermines its arguments by disparaging logical thought.

– The movement’s days are numbered as it entails its destruction.

That video shows leftwing activist Lia McGeever. She was speaking and shrieking before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. She was protesting the death of Banko Brown, a black member of the transgender community who was shot and killed after allegedly trying to steal from a local Walgreens, something the Board of Supervisors has nothing to do with. This makes this stunt even more bizarre. It was San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins who made the decision not to prosecute the Walgreens security guard for the shooting death of Brown.

This Board of Supervisors has an untarnished history of woke activism. This is the Board of Supervisors that is currently working on a massive reparations proposal that would pay black residents up to $5 million as a penance for slavery, even though California was a free state. This Board of Supervisors is one of the most liberal boards on the planet. It would be hard to find a board that is more woke than the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

This LGBT activist seems to think they weren’t woke enough. To demonstrate how unforgivably unwoke this board supposedly is, this insane woke activist treated everyone to a prolonged, blood-curdling scream that would be the envy of any death metal band. For the last couple of decades, activist academics have been arguing that logic and reason are racist and misogynist. Feminists have long argued that logic is a patriarchal tool and a fabricated means for men to maintain social control and dominance. They believe logic aims to impose a form of thinking specific to men on the whole of the population, effectively excluding women from the intellectual and professional arena.

According to our woke clergy class, we all now know that math is racist! These woke warriors fail to recognize that in warring against logic, they have to use it. When feminist scholars write papers hammering on how the Western logic tradition is patriarchal, they have to use logic to make an intelligible argument against logic. The more wokeness descends into the illogical madness of its premises, the more it finds that it simply can’t rely on the frames of reference for calm, rational, and logical persuasion.

Another example of this age of rage phenomenon occurred outside the floor of the House of Representatives. This is the ultra-leftist Democrat Jamaal Bowman getting confronted with facts by Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie.

Massie tells him to calm down, and his response was, ‘I was screaming before you interrupted me!’ There were no facts, reasoning, logos, or rationality, just pure blood-curdling screams. This is the logical outworking of wokeness. In disparaging the very foundations of intelligible thought as racist, misogynist, and bigoted, they end up undermining their arguments for such disparagement. This is why, in the end, we have nothing to fear from the woke left. They’re ultimately busy undermining themselves. It is a movement that entails its destruction. Until they completely unravel, they can cause a lot of damage in society, but their days are numbered. You don’t need to be a racist mathematician to see that!

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