TOTAL VICTORY as Patriot Doc SELLS OUT and Impotent Protestors NO SHOW!

Saturday July 16th in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania the Return of the American Patriot: The Rise of Pennsylvania premiered at Christ Community Church to a lively, packed house of 1200. This was the third location chosen for the premiere as the previous venues had both caved to threats of disruption and violence from local leftist, antifa organizers. This did nothing but help the films reach, however, as the initial location sat 400, the second sat around 750, and the final venue sat 1200! With every cancellation hundreds of more tickets were sold!

Almost as if an answer to prayer, Camp Hill was doused in rain in the hours before the premiere which resulted in a measly 9 protestors showing up across the street. This paled in comparison to the winding line of ticket holders eagerly awaiting the premiere! While the line grew longer over 200 patriots ate with Dr. Turley and Senator Mastriano and heard some rousing words before the showing. As Senator Mastriano entered the sanctuary of the Church, cheers and applause rang out immediately. Pastor Dave Hess of Christ Community Church spoke about how he feels more convicted than ever about standing against the mob who threatened his community and tried to force him to cancel the premiere. In the days following the location announcement, radical, anti-Christian activists tried to intimidate the Church by filing phony claims against their tax-exempt status. These attempts have failed. Pastor Dave spoke about how when faced with persecution it is important to pray for “more boldness and more courage”, not less. Executive Producer and President of Turley Talks Ralph Cochran spoke on stage about how The Return of the American Patriot came to be alongside Hannah Brusven (who organized the premiere), Conrad Franz (yours truly who wrote it), and Joshua Williams who masterfully directed and edited the doc. They are shown below from left to right.

The Lancaster Patriot was one of two media groups allowed inside the event and Michael Yoder covered it fairly and informatively, providing all of the information the community may need regarding the newsworthy event. Despite a lot of wailing on the internet, Antifa and leftist groups and organizers did more to expose themselves and their attempts to grow in rural/exurban Pennsylvania than they did to actually disrupt the film premiere. I hear from good sources that we can expect a few exposè’s soon. Be sure to follow Michael Yoder, subscribe to the Lancaster Patriot and stay tuned for the digital/wide release of the Return of the American Patriot: The Rise of Pennsylvania! While we were unable to ask for donations at the premiere, we encourage you to donate to Senator Mastriano’s campaign! All campaign donors who give from now until Saturday July 30th will get 4 tickets to the virtual premiere of The Return of the American Patriot as well as one month of FREE membership in Dr. Steve’s Insider’s Club which includes a weekly Q&A hosted by the Doc himself! Give and Support the Mastriano campaign HERE!!!