TOTAL AMERICA FIRST VICTORY as Patriots SWEEP the Latest Primaries!

As Patriots across America eagerly await the unseating of the traitor Liz Cheney in Wyoming on August 16th, the incoming patriot wing of the US House and Senate as well as state executives just got larger! All across the board Tuesday, August 2nd (and the days afterwards as many of these states seem to have extensive and systemic election integrity issues) Trump endorsed nationalist-populist candidates earned the Republican nominations for their respective offices.

Arizona did its part and nominated one of the best teams of Patriots of any state this cycle. Between Blake Masters for Senate, Kari Lake for Governor as well as renominating Paul Gosar for Congress and Wendy Rogers for state senate, the Red Wave came early to the desert. I have praised Masters in the past (well before most knew who he was) for showing Republicans how to stand up to cancel culture and view him as a gold standard for senate candidates who will join JD Vance, Josh Hawley, and Rand Paul in the growing Senate Patriot wing. Kari Lake, who I view as a likely Trump 2024 VP choice (DeSantis and Lake would be top picks), pulled out a victory against a McCain endorsed RINO in a tight race proving election integrity is as important as ever! With Doug Mastriano and Kari Lake as governors of two HUGE and important swing states, the prospect of Ultra MAGA 2024 becomes more and more real.

Joe Kent managed to beat RINO Herrera-Beutler in Washington’s 3rd congressional district by mere hundreds of votes as slow counting and bizarre ballot drops and mail in protocol dragged out what should be a simple process. Washington state, unfortunately, had the only recent disappointment where pro impeachment “republican” Dan Newhouse narrowly defeated Trump endorsed Loren Culp. In Kansas, however, immigration patriot Kris Kobach won the nomination for Attorney General despite Trump not commenting on the race. Kobach was one of the architects of mandatory e-verify and did his best to reduce illegal and legal immigration, deport illegal immigrants, and protect American jobs when he was Secretary of State of Kansas. John Gibbs in Michigan also delivered a POWERFUL victory for immigration patriots and unseated open borders/pro impeachment RINO Peter Meijer in the primary for Michigan’s 3rd CD.

Just last night, August 9th 2022, Trump endorsed Tim Michels defeated RINO Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in the Republican Governor’s primary. Wisconsin was crucially flipped by Trump in 2016 and seems to be returning to its rising MAGA roots as polls show Trump and his allies SURGING. The cake has been baked! Now we wait for the cherry on top with Cheney’s impending LOSS and we are set for a massive AMERICA FIRST red wave in November! ULTRA MAGA!