TOO LITTLE TOO LATE! Leftists and Fake Conservatives Launch Attack on PA Patriots!

The 2022 Pennsylvania primary elections are a few short days away and the polls are not looking good for RINO’s and fakers. Col. Doug Mastriano is leading the race for Governor by a significant margin and Senate candidate Kathy Barnette, the only real conservative patriot in the race, is surging within the margin of error ahead of crypto-leftist David McCormick and getting close to the unfortunately Trump endorsed phony and Turkish citizen Dr. Mehmet Oz. Trump has had an unfortunate number of bad endorsements this cycle, the least of which include Tim Scott of South Carolina, and Dr. Oz is no exception. While Oz may be slightly less odious than swamp creature David McCormick, Oz is a former abortionist who shilled the COVID vaccine and has proudly attended World Economic Forum events. It is quite silly that Trump is saying that Kathy Barnette has held wrong positions in the past while simultaneously endorsing an opportunist like Oz. RINO’s are teaming up with Dems to claim Barnette held pro BLM positions with edited videos going against the clear evidence to the contrary. Kathy recently appeared on the Christ Stigall show to address the latest accusations that have been launched right before the election.

Currently Mastriano leads Lou Barletta, a fairly solid MAGA voice himself, by over 10 points. While Barletta is no swamp creature he lost his Senate election in 2018 and has clearly failed to capture the momentum of the 2022 populist wave like Mastriano has. Across Pennsylvania grassroots candidates are taking on RINO’s. Mike Miller is running to unseat Ryan Aument who voted TWICE to confirm “Rachel” Levine, the transvestite who our elites like to prop up as a “health official”, in the PA State Senate before “she” joined the Biden regime. Many, including President Trump, are using the tired “electability” smears against Barnette and Mastriano claiming they stand no chance in the general election. This is backwards thinking. 2022 is a red wave year, indisputably. Many candidates in otherwise swing states and districts will be rocketed to victory as voters voice their disdain for Biden’s inflation, gas price hikes, and general incompetence. The electability arguments also ignore how grassroots candidates that don’t conform to the uniparty are able to motivate higher percentages of the base and rural populist vote than perhaps someone who can get a few more moderates on their side. We also don’t need any more moderate RINO’s we need real patriots who will call out globalism regardless of the letter next to someone’s name. Get out and vote Pennsylvania! Get Doug Mastriano, Kathy Barnette, and the rest of the patriots over the line!