Things are Getting Worse for Fox!!

The National Post has reported that Canada may end up banning Fox News. It is being widely reported that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has opened a public consultation on a complaint from an LGBTQ rights group to ban Fox News from Canadian cable television.

This complaint involves Tucker Carlson. This woke leftist group is accusing Tucker Carlson of having made “false and horrifying claims” about transgender individuals. During the offending segment, Carlson, according to this group:

“made the inflammatory and false claim that trans people are ‘targeting’ Christians. To position trans people in existential opposition to Christianity is an incitement of violence against trans people that is plain to any viewer.”

This is referring to Tucker’s coverage of the Nashville shooting:

This incessant embracing of victimhood is so sad in terms of how it warps reality AND in terms of how it’s just a cover to bully your way on other people. Victimization is nothing more than modern-day tyranny; it’s the contemporary technique for age-old coercion and manipulation. It’s nothing more than that. Victimhood has a two-fold role in our society. It incorporates all minority cultures, races, gender identities, and the increasing number of gender identities into a single shared identity of the victim. At the same time, victimhood denigrates representatives of the dominant culture, like Tucker Carlson, as agents of racial and gender oppression.

Victimization is nothing more than a political and cultural bully that denigrates, despises, and disparages others for the sake of their power. Regardless, we will have to see what Canadian officials do with this complaint, but it is enough for them to at least consider banning Fox from their cable news airwaves!

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