The Vatican SHOCKS Leftists, REJECTING Trans Ideology!

The most liberal pope in decades has stunned woke leftists around the world today. The latest official doctrinal statement coming from the Vatican is leaving far-left ideologues speechless.

– The Vatican released a doctrinal document titled ‘Dignitas Infinita,’ condemning gender theory, transgender surgery, and surrogacy.

– The document reaffirms traditional Catholic teachings on sexual morality and the sanctity of life.

– Despite Pope Francis’ liberal image, the Vatican’s stance on sexual issues remains aligned with traditional Catholic teaching.

The Vatican has released a doctrinal document regarding its position on gender theory, transgender surgery, and surrogacy. The document has stunned leftists around the world, given Pope Francis’ propensity towards far more liberal sentiments than his predecessors. Leftists were stunned to find a doctrinal statement that could have just as easily come from either Pope Benedict or Pope John Paul the second.

The Document, entitled ‘Dignitas Infinita,’ or Infinite Dignity, condemns gender theory and transgender sex change as well as surrogacy as an affront to human dignity. While the church reaffirms that every single person regardless of sexual orientation is of infinite dignity and worth and should be respected in accordance with that dignity and worth, nevertheless gender theory is, according to the document, an inadmissible ideology.

Asserting that any attempts to alter an individual’s immutable gender are ultimately misguided attempts at playing God. The document goes on to reaffirm the Church’s teachings on abortion and surrogate pregnancies, which the Catholic church considers contrary to the pro-life position. Even with the most liberal pope in decades, the Vatican nevertheless has anchored itself firmly in traditional sexual morality, and shows absolutely no signs of budging from that.

This official document from the Vatican came just a couple of days after an op-ed appeared in the Connecticut Centennial entitled ‘The Transgender Tide is Turning.’ The article began with that disastrous and bizarre declaration by Biden that designated Easter Sunday as Transgender Visibility day, which Christians were rightly upset about, especially now in light of the Infinite Dignity document from the Vatican. Even professional athletes were upset about it. NBA player Jonathan Isaac recognized that Biden’s actions were intentionally divisive, writing on X that the White House “knows exactly what they are doing. They want you to hate! This helps no one and only promotes division.”

The division begins on the political left. We have already been seeing it with Bill Maher and Piers Morgan. Most recently the leader of the New Atheist movement, Richard Dawkins, has come out staunchly opposed to trans ideology and woke leftism. Even young people have had it.

Students at Marshall Simonds Middle School in Massachusetts rose up in defiance against their radically woke administration and staff. They refused to comply with their woke leftist indoctrination. The amazing thing here is that these students weren’t alone. Just the month prior, in New York, students at John Jay High School protested their schools transgender bathroom policy, which allowed students to use the bathroom of their preferred gender, their self-identity, rather than their biological sex. Students at the high school walked out of class en masse in protest of the policy.

The whole LGBT movement is itself a revolt. It’s a rebellion supposedly, against intolerance. Their whole worldview is itself built on rebellion against authority. If your whole worldview is built on the virtues of rebellion and revolt, why would they think the next generation is going to simply sit back and comply? These adults and school leaders are the epitome of absurdity. They deliberately deny to others the civic dissent and disobedience they demand for themselves. It’s unbelievable in its dimwittedness and shortsightedness.

In the end, there was simply no way, given the importance of doctrinal continuity in the Catholic tradition, that this doctrinal report was going to say anything other than what it did. Francis ruffles conservative feathers, and his off the cuff remarks and some of his actions and recommendations have been extremely concerning in terms of the mixed messages those actions and recommendations send. But when it comes to an official doctrinal statement on sexual issues and the human body, the latest ‘Infinite Dignity’ statement is fully in line with traditional Catholic teaching.

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