The Results of Tuesday’s Elections are STUNNING!

A number of stunning developments happened over the last 24 hours that are going to absolutely blow you away. We are going to see the latest bombshell development with Steve Bannon’s appeal to stay out of jail!

– Jamaal Bowman was defeated by his Democrat challenger George Latimer in the New York primary, marking a notable loss for a member of the progressive caucus closely associated with AOC.

– Lauren Boebert moved from Colorado’s 3rd congressional district to the 4th and won handily.

– Greg Lopez’s victory by over 23 points in a district Trump won by 18 points in 2020 suggests a 5-point shift towards MAGA candidates.

Fire alarm puller extraordinaire Jamaal Bowman ironically went down in flames. He was beaten by his Democrat challenger George Latimer in a blowout in their New York primary. Here’s the cover from this morning’s New York Post:“Firing Squad: Anti-Israel Jamaal Bowman of AOC’s progressive caucus gets kicked out of Congress”

AOC, the comical clown easily won reelection as Western civilization continues to implode in parts of the country. But in other parts of the country, civilizational populism is alive and well. Lauren Boebert, who moved from the 3rdcongressional district in Colorado where she had a major scare in 2022, to the 4th in Colorado, on the eastern side of the state, won handily. Even MSNBC was calling it an emphatic victory for Lauren Boebert.

In Colorado’s fourth district, Former Parker Mayor Greg Lopez, who is widely touted by the legacy media as a 2020 election denier, won the Republican nomination for Colorado’s 4th congressional district special election to finish what’s left of the ultra-never Trump Ken Buck’s term. Ken Buck is one of the scumbag RINOs who abruptly announced his retirement to jeopardize the Republicans’ majority in the House.

This former Mayor, Greg Lopez, ran to finish out his term, and the Democrats thought they had a chance on this one. The Republican running for Buck’s spot won with almost 60% of the vote. What some election analysts are noticing here is that Trump won this 4th congressional district in Colorado by 18 points back in 2020.

Lopez just won that district by over 23 points, which presents a 5-point shift to the MAGA candidate from 2020.If that’s indicative of the electorate as a whole, which is what we are seeing, that 5 point shift means that Trump would not only win the popular vote. He would also easily win every single swing state out there.

Even the leftwing outlets Newsweek and the Daily Kos are admitting this. They are admitting that Republicans are doing at least 0.4% better in their special elections than in 2020. A 0.4 advantage from 2020 means that Trump would win Arizona and Georgia, and would be within range of winning Wisconsin, with just that advantage alone. If Colorado 4 holds, we are going to likely see a landslide.

The cherry on top here is how this five point shift corroborates the latest poll from the Des Moines Register, the Des Moines Register considered by many to be one of the single most reputable pollsters out there. They generally poll within the margin of error. In Iowa, one of the bluest states in the nation, Trump now has a near 20-point lead over Biden! In a four-way race with RFK among others in the mix, Trump leads Biden by an astonishing 18 points. This is important because Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania tend to vote the same way.

The Congressional Republicans also appear to have grown a spine! Congressional Republicans, the single most disappointing, betraying group of morons on the planet, actually appeared to suddenly realize that their job is to represent the values, interests, and concerns of their constituents and not those of Ukraine, Israel, or Taiwan. Here is Speaker Mike Johnson finally taking on the legitimacy of the January 6th committee and coming to Steve Bannon’s rescue:

On the eve of the Democrats jailing their political opponents again, the Republican congress finally decided to do something to rescue their political allies amidst this blatant banana republic political persecution. They will be filing an amicus brief on behalf of Bannon in his emergency appeal to the Supreme Court to stay out of prison.

Also, we are getting reports now that the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group voted to confirm that the J6 committee was an illegitimate committee. Nancy Pelosi would not permit Republicans to select their own committee members, which congressional rules require. Instead, she cherry picked from among those scumbag RINOs who voted to impeach Trump. It was a kangaroo committee and NO ONE should be going to prison on the basis of such an obvious circus. Here’s Matt Gaetz on the significance of the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group:

BLAG, as it’s called, voted to affirm the Republicans’ position that this was an illegitimate committee. They are appealing to the Supreme Court to make sure that no one goes to prison over anything this illegitimate committee did. Hopefully this newfound spine in these Republicans will remain as we still have a long way to go to secure the 2024 election and ensure the left is not left to do whatever they want this time!

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