The Pro Hamas Left Is SPLITTING the Dems!

More pundits are recognizing that we may be seeing a massive split inside the political left that promises to blow the Democrat party apart. They are predicting that this rift will last for an entire generation. We are going to look at what’s happening on the left and why it threatens to relegate the Democrats to a permanent minority status for the foreseeable future.

– The political left is experiencing internal strife due to divisions over the Israel-Hamas conflict.

– Democratic voters are divided, with an 11-point margin of 49% siding with the Palestinians and 38% with Israel.

– This divide could impact the Democrats in the 2024 elections and beyond.

More pundits are starting to recognize that the pro-Hamas left is blowing the Democrat Party apart. This clash within the political left first began to happen around the time of the Speaker controversies that plagued the GOP for three weeks after the Gaetz 8, ousted Kevin McCarthy and replaced him with Mike Johnson. While all that was going on, the legacy media was fixated on the chaos that was effectively unraveling the GOP.

As of last week, the National Republican Congressional Committee shattered fundraising records. The political disarray is actually happening among Democrats. Molly Ball of the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the battle between the pro-Israeli faction and the pro-Palestinian faction within the Democrat Party looks increasingly irresolvable. She writes, “To many on the left, the Israel-Hamas war is spurring what feels like a permanent rupture, when previously sublimated differences become impossible to ignore and everyone must choose sides. The weeks since the Hamas attacks have riven the liberal coalition, pitting erstwhile allies against each other as ugly accusations fly in both directions.

“From the halls of power in Washington to street protests and social media, progressives find themselves at odds with those they once saw as kindred spirits. Both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian advocates describe a feeling of disillusionment as relationships fracture and harsh words are exchanged. The result, many predict, could be a breach that splits Democrats for a generation with untold political consequences.”

Until this point, we have been reporting on the potential fall out of the split for the 2024 race. Muslim and Arab Americans, who were instrumental in Biden’s support back in 2020, are coming out and openly telling Biden that they will not back him in 2024 because of his blanket support for Israel in the Hamas conflict. According to this reporting in the Wall Street Journal, 2024 would be just the beginning of the fallout from this split.

Polls are consistently showing that voters aged 30 and under are more prone to siding with the Palestinians than with Israel. That is true of the Democrat Party as a whole. While Republican voters are overwhelmingly pro-Israel as about 80% of Republican voters back Israel’s campaign against Hamas, the situation is very different when it comes to the Democrats. Democrat voters are siding with the Palestinians by an 11 point margin, 49 to 38. According to this Wall Street Journal piece, the long-term ramifications of that discrepancy is found in the sentiments among young voters.

Before this conflict started, young voters were beginning to abandon the Democrats. According to the latest Emerson polling on the under-30 vote, Trump is beating Biden 45 to 43. This demographic voted 65% for Biden in 2020. The Wall Street Journal piece is arguing that this rift in the Democrat party with young people is only going to exacerbate with young people largely taking the side of the Palestinians. These dynamics are already mobilizing for 2024.

A group called the National Muslim Democratic Council demanded yesterday that Joe Biden force Israel into a cease-fire, or else have Muslims work against Democrats in battleground states in 2024. Biden is already suffering politically with Arab-Americans. The latest Zogby poll shows that support for Biden among Muslims, once very high, has plummeted. Biden’s approval rating among Arab Americans has gone from 74% in 2020 to now just 29%. Support for Biden in the upcoming election has dropped from nearly 60% in 2020 to today a mere 17% marking a 42% decrease since 2020. Now they are ready to mobilize and organize fully in order to make sure he actually loses in battleground states like Michigan in 2024.

The problem with that threat is that Muslims only make up half the voting population as Jews in this nation. This rift is forcing the Democrats to choose which demographic to cut lose. If that is the case, they are cutting loose a demographic group that is represented by a wider ideological faction. Either way, this rupture within the Democrat Party appears headed for a very real collision. With young voters caught in the middle, the political fallout from that collision may last a generation.

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