The Populist Right is Rising in Europe!

Globalists are in a complete and utter panic as the European right is poised to take over the EU! We are going to see the latest on the continent-wide elections this weekend and why the promise to be an absolute political earthquake felt all over the world!

– From June 6th to 9th, nearly 400 million European citizens will head to the polls to elect 720 representatives for the European Parliament.

– The nationalist populist movements are gaining substantial traction among voters under 30.

– The upcoming European Parliament elections are poised to be a historic moment, with the potential for a significant nationalist populist surge.

Europeans across the continent are heading to the polls this weekend for the European Parliament elections. Beginning June 6th and lasting to the 9th, nearly 400 million citizens in 27 countries will vote to elect representatives from their respective countries to serve as lawmakers in the European Parliament in the Belgian capital of Brussels. Altogether, 720 representatives will be elected and political pundits are in wide agreement that this year’s vote promises to be a political earthquake.

The polls for months now have been showing that Europeans are ready to vote in their single most rightwing nationalist populist government. In France, polls are showing that 1 in 3 voters are going to vote for Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, which is France’s patriot party. That’s double the amount who plan to vote for French President Emmanuel Macron’s party En Marche. And just to show you how the demographics are changing here, the National Rally has a powerful weapon.

28 year old Jordan Bardella, who heads the party’s list for the EU parliamentary elections, is a terrifying signal for globalists around the world. He represents the New Right that is emerging among voters under the age of 30. Polls show that National Rally in particular and the nationalist populist parties in general throughout Europe are getting their strongest support among young voters who share nothing of the loyalty older voters have for the more traditional center-right, center-left parties.

Foreign Policy recently featured an article arguing that the under 30 vote is the heart of the rise of the so-called European Far Right. The nationalist populist wave that’s sweeping the continent is just beginning. The Alternative for Deutschland, the nationalist populist party in Germany, is now the number one most popular party among 14 to 29 year olds.

In a recent survey called the ‘Youth in Germany’ study, researchers found that the under-30 German population is incredibly pessimistic about the state of things in Europe and around the world. They are very pessimistic about the economy, inflation, and immigration. The AfD has clearly persuaded the under-30 vote that all of these problems are caused by a globalist elite who don’t care about them, who are violating German sovereignty, and who only care about their own power and affluence. German youth are hardly alone.

The under 30 vote is moving en masse towards the far right. Marine Le Pen in France gets her most solid support among the younger vote. Georgia Meloni of the Brothers of Italy, Jimmie Ockeson of the Sweden Democrats, and the Austrian Freedom Party, which is set to win in a landslide in their national elections in the fall, are all very popular with the under-30 vote.

In Britain, in the 1960s around 50% of the British population felt strongly aligned to one of the traditional parties, the Tories or Labour. By 2015, only about 10% were. The populist right is making the most of this opportunity specific to the era of dealignment. De-diabolization is a political strategy that involves an intentional normalization process that seeks to bring a political party out of the political fringe.

Giorgia Meloni, for example, just two years ago, was in the single digits in terms of support. She was branded as too far right, and Meloni helped de-diabolize the party to such an extent that they won in a blowout in their last parliamentary election. They promise to stun the political world again this weekend! But the Brothers of Italy are not alone: all of the so-called far-right parties are now poised to storm the European parliament as the result of widespread political dealignment and de-diabolization.

A nationalist populist takeover of the European Parliament will most likely reconfigure the assembly into more of a federalist structure, which reimposes strict limits to its jurisdiction and reasserts national sovereignty for the 27 individual member nations. One of the biggest points of contention that led to Britain leaving the EU has been the issue of national sovereignty. To what extent did member nations surrender their national sovereignty when they joined the EU? To what extent did they surrender control over their immigration standards, economic policies, and environmental policies when they joined the EU?

That question promises to move radically in favor of limiting Brussel’s continent wide jurisdiction while maximizing the sovereignty of individual nations, which of course is very bad news for the Demons in Davos at the World Economic Forum. The WEF has pushed to erode national sovereignty at every turn! These historic elections this weekend will hopefully have absolutely amazing and hopeful results for the whole world!

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