The ‘Most DANGEROUS PHILOSOPHER’ Interviewed by Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson just dropped a bombshell interview with the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin. Dugin has been called the most dangerous philosopher in the world, but dangerous to whom?

– Dugin discusses the decline of the Western world, attributing it to liberalism’s push for individual liberation.

– According to Dugin, liberalism’s logical endpoint is liberation from humanity itself, leading to post-humanism.

– The interview underscores Dugin’s critique of Western society’s breakdown and suggests a return to tradition as the solution.

Tucker began the interview by asking Dugin why he thought that the whole of the Western world seemed to be at war with itself. Why is it that particularly the United States, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe seem to loathe Western civilization? Dugin’s answer is profound:

The last step is liberation from humanity itself. Dugin locates the source of Western decline in the rise of liberalism, which is the philosophical and political enterprise involving the liberation of the individual from any form of collective identity and constraint. Interestingly, Dugin roots liberalism in the medieval philosophical movement of the fourteenth century termed ‘Nominalism.’

What made nominalists unique is they rejected the notion that there was any relationship between physical things and heavenly transcendent ideas. Only things in this world exist, and they don’t have any other transcendent relationship to anything above them. Nominalism created the notion of the radical sovereign individual. That formed the basis for the political and philosophical project of liberating the individual from all forms of collective identity and constraint. What makes Dugin’s analysis so profound is that he recognizes that the logical outworking of this involves liberation from humanity itself.

Humanity is the ultimate form of collective identity. It’s not just liberating the individual from tradition, nation, and gender. The individual is constrained by collective human identity, so this is why liberalism ultimately leads to post-humanism and post-humanity where we use technology to transcend beyond the human. If Western Civilization was ultimately about awakening our true humanity, then liberals would ultimately be at war with Western Civilization because they are at war with the very humanity it seeks to awaken.

As Tucker pointed out, you can’t access Dugin’s thinking, because the Biden administration is actively censoring Dugin. Tucker then asked Dugin what he thought the difference was between the modern left’s version of liberalism and the more classical form of liberalism, which has always been seen as a much-needed defense and defiance against tyranny:

According to Dugin, the logical outworking of liberation from any collective identity and constraint works itself out in precisely that manner. After having liberated the individual from state power, church power, and family and community constraints, liberalism is going to want to liberate us from the individual itself. The individuality that was so important in the 60s, 70s, and 80s is now seen as the new form of collective conformity and constraint.

Identity politics is a logical outworking of liberalism that ironically ends up at war with the very conception of the individual that birthed liberalism in the first place.

President Putin, whether you agree with him or not, has successfully and steadfastly stood up against liberal globalism in defense of traditional Christian values. He does this often in a way that American Christians, who have been so softened by secular liberalism, often can’t quite understand. At the beginning of Putin’s tenure, in the year 2000, he began to implement measures involving Russia’s ‘spiritual security,’ which is considered a subset of national security in a number of policy documents issued by the Putin administration.

The Russian government’s focus on spiritual security is designed as a primary measure by which traditional Russian values embodied particularly by the Russian Orthodox Church can be protected and perpetuated in the midst of globalized assaults. Astonishingly, the Russian Federation’s conception of national security actually includes protecting the nation’s cultural, spiritual, and moral legacy and the religious traditions and standards of public and social life, all in an effort to reawaken the uniqueness of Russian culture in a revitalized civilizational state.

This alone has been enough to radically offend liberal sensibilities which are dedicated to eradicating traditional religions all over the world. Alexander Dugin pointed out that liberal globalists are right to be offended by Putin. He stands against everything they stand for, and the last thing the modern left will tolerate is dissent and defiance. This interview provided a very helpful precis of Dugin’s profound insights and critiques of what’s happening in the very clear breakdown and unraveling of Western society. The solution to our breakdown is clear: we need to reject liberalism and once again embrace nation, culture, custom, and tradition, the very hallmarks of civilization.

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