The Left Desperately Attempts to ‘Expose’ Justice Alito

Over the past several weeks there have been many desperate attempts to “expose” Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. We have seen the liberal media panicking over the American flag flown upside down and an Appeal to Heaven flag outside of the Alito residences.

The alleged concern over these flags is their association with the ‘stop the steal’ movement. We have seen news outlets erupt with fake rage over these flags being flown and attempting to correlate these incidents with right wing extremism. This outrage is being generated in an attempt to ensure that Alito is recused from cases regarding the 2020 election and January 6th.

Many people have pointed out that there is no evidence of Alito actually supporting events on January 6th, whereas we are seeing blatant corruption, bias, and financial incentives with the judges assigned to Trump’s cases. Yet we are not seeing these people who are supposedly concerned about judicial fairness expressing these concerns about any of the judges or jurors in the Trump cases.

The most recent attempt to smear Alito is a secretly recorded conversation where Alito agreed that our country should return to a place of faith.

The left has been continually trying to find problems with Alito, and these pathetic attempts are the best they have been able to do. This indicates that Justice Alito is an unproblematic person as these accusations have been irrelevant and boring. It is no scandal for Justice Alito to agree with the founding fathers and the framers of our constitution that American society should be rooted in faith.

Carrie Severino succinctly summarized this backlash: “As a citizen of a country that pledges allegiance to a nation ‘under God,’ this is a rather unremarkable statement for anyone who is not part of the radical Left.

What is remarkable is the Left’s unrelenting attack against the Constitution, and the lengths to which they will go to undermine a Supreme Court that seeks to uphold it.”

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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