Texas is Being SECRETLY Run by DEMOCRATS!

Texas Scorecard, a fantastic resource that rates politicians in Texas on their right wing bonafides, recently released a great documentary hosted by Michael Quinn Sullivan called “The Texas Heist”. It breaks down the timeline of how the Texas House of Representatives was hijacked by a small group of traitorous, leftist Republicans who collaborated with the Democratic minority to ensure that the conservative, Christian agenda voted on by the people of Texas never gets enacted.

Not only has the Republican majority, led by arch RINO House Speaker Dade Phelan, failed to pass popular conservative legislation like school choice and border security, they have even voted to impeach the most conservative and successful attorney general in the country Ken Paxton. Paxton is featured in “The Texas Heist” as he himself was a member of the Texas House when the RINO takeover took place years ago. Paxton’s impeachment is reminiscent of Trump’s persecution by the deep state as he is being persecuted for nothing more than his effectiveness. Paxton led the charge against the stolen elections on the State side and it was HIS election fraud case that made it to the Supreme Court before coward John Roberts refused to hear it. What is even worse is that this impeachment came only 7 months after the people of Texas reelected Paxton despite a slate of challengers for his office.

“The Texas Heist” pulls no punches and directly names the 12 traitors in the Texas House of Representatives who carry water for Phelan, assign Democrats to chair important committees, and actively enforce an anti nationalist “good ol boys” club that immediately stalls any actually effective legislation from making to to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk. For those readers in the great state of Texas, please do not vote and, if possible, donate to the opponents and spread the word against the following traitors:

  1. Rep. Charlie Green from NW Fort Worth (District 99)
  2. Rep. Glenn Rogers from west of the DFW area (District 60)
  3. Rep. Jacey Jetton from between Katy & Sugarland (District 26)
  4. Rep. Todd Hunter from Corpus Christi & up the coast (District 32)
  5. Rep. Ken King from the panhandle between Amarillo & Midland (District 88)
  6. Rep. Jeff Leach from McKinney (District 67)
  7. Rep. Craig Goldman from SW Fort Worth (District 97)
  8. Rep Dustin Burrows from SW of Lubbock (District 83)
  9. Rep. Lynn Stucky from Denton/Decatur (District 64)
  10. Rep. Stephanie Klick from Fort Worth/North Richland Hills (District 91)
  11. Rep. Andrew Murr from between Fort Stockton & Austin/San Antonio (District 53)
  12. Rep. Justin Holland from Plano & Rockwall (District 33)

All of these leftists in disguise protect Dade Phelan, the drunk, democrat loving house speaker who is himself from the far east of Texas in Beaumont in the 21st House district. Getting him out in 2024 would be tremendous. Texas is a conservative state that should be leading the resistance against the current globalist cabal in power, securing America’s southern border, and aspiring to the greatness that a state that can be its own nation can achieve. Something is rotten in the Texas House of Representatives and we know exactly where it is coming from!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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