Technical Difficulties Steal the Show of DeSantis’ Campaign Announcement

So Ron DeSantis did indeed take to Twitter last night and made his presidential ambitions official. We’re going to look at the fallout from last night’s DeSantis Debacle and what it means for the 2024 race.

– DeSantis’s campaign announcement on Twitter Spaces was marred by technical difficulties and a delayed start.

– The event failed to reverse DeSantis’s declining poll numbers and was seen as lacking charisma and energy.

– Trump maintains a significant lead over DeSantis in recent polls, with a 33-point advantage.

Ron DeSantis has done amazing things for Florida. If he somehow manages to pull off a miracle and win the Republican nomination, he would be a good candidate to vote for in the 2024 election. If the rollout last night was an indicator of how this campaign is going to go, he might as well just hang up the gloves right now.

He made his announcement on the Twitter Spaces platform, which is an audio platform. From the beginning, it was plagued with technical difficulties which lasted throughout the event. You would think that an event hosted by the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, would at least get the technical aspects of the event right. But the whole event started nearly half an hour late. It was plagued with microphone feedback, the audio stream cut out entirely multiple times, and at one point, it looked as if DeSantis had left the chat.

It was so demonstrably bad that even Biden trolled DeSantis, tweeting out his campaign fundraising page with the comment, ‘This link works!’ The way DeSantis supporters are trying to spin this is that there were too many people on at the same time. With the announcement coming at 6 pm, there were 600,000 people all showing up at once. They argue that so many people trying to hear DeSantis at the same time caused all of these technical difficulties. The spin is that DeSantis broke the internet.

The problem with that spin is that Musk has had upwards of over 3 million people on Twitter Spaces all at one time for an event with BBC some time ago. DeSantis could have just rolled out his campaign on the radio and reached millions without having any of these issues. All the headlines today are about how the rollout for DeSantis was a technical disaster. Hashtags ‘De-Saster’ and ‘failure to launch’ trending across Twitter. By contrast, we have seen a masterclass in a great campaign rollout:

It looks unlikely that DeSantis is going to pull this off, especially after last night. DeSantis has been sinking in the polls. This rollout was supposed to reverse that and turn the tide in DeSantis’ favor. That’s what makes what happened last night a double disaster. It wasn’t just the execution of the rollout, it was the fact that it was supposed to reignite and reinvigorate DeSantis’ polls which it didn’t. The softball questions he got, at least in part from a Clinton-supporting billionaire donor, David Sacks, didn’t help either.

Catturd said it best, ‘‘The problem with the DeSantis launch on Twitter Spaces wasn’t the glitches and crashes – the problem was it was a boring snoozefest. Nobody being honest can say otherwise.’ Scott Greer tweeted, ‘Technical issues aside, the Twitter space itself highlighted DeSantis’s weaknesses. He’s far too scripted, lacks charisma, and is easily upstaged by other personalities. Elon Musk, David Sacks, and the various guests seemed more the center of attention than the candidate himself.’

Donald Trump Jr also chimed in, saying, ‘DeSantis is making Jeb look high energy right now.’ A lot of this just confirmed what we’ve been hearing about behind the scenes. Rich Baris highlighted this in his write-up about the Twitter Spaces announcement. All the delays in the rollout of this DeSantis campaign, the reason why he didn’t announce earlier, is because donors were having their doubts about him. The DeSantis shills were claiming that the delays were strategic, but word on the street was that donors were pulling back, seeing his collapsing poll numbers in relation to Trump’s surging polls!

According to the latest Fox News poll, Trump has a 33-point lead over DeSantis. His lead is 13 points higher than the total support that DeSantis gets, which is 20%. Fox is also all in on DeSantis. The whole Murdoch enterprise is pushing his candidacy, and even their polls are showing Trump running away with this. It seems very unlikely that DeSantis can win this as things stand now, but it will certainly be entertaining to see this develop.

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