Song “Boycott Target” Hits #1 on iTunes!!

The number one song in the nation right now is “Boycott Target!” This has woke corporations panicking across the country! We are going to see yet another example of how the mass boycott against all things woke keeps winning!

– The song provides an alternative narrative to the pro-LGBT Pride Month, utilizing pop culture to potentially overshadow the prevailing narrative.

– Target has suffered a significant loss in market valuation, with a drop in stock price by nearly 14%, losing around $10 billion over the past 10 days.

– Opinion polls indicate that a majority of Americans do not support woke corporations pushing gender ideology, and consumers’ wallets are now aligning with their values!

A conservative rapper by the name of Forgiato has knocked Taylor Swift from the number one most downloaded song on iTunes with the song ‘Boycott Target.’ The song of course is riding the wave of the massive boycott backlash against the department store, Target, for its ridiculous Pride-themed clothing line for children. Target has suffered a massive loss in market valuation. They’ve lost a stunning $10 billion over the past 10 days.

Target’s stock price has dropped by nearly 14%. Things have gotten worse for Target since now the number one song on iTunes is all about targeting them.

“There’s a clean up on every aisle/ Target is targetin’ your kids/ This agenda’s gotta stop, they know we gonna win” This is absolutely fantastic, and a wonderful way of utilizing pop culture to further this massive boycott. What we are seeing here is an alternative narrative, especially with the advent of “Pride Month.” Pride Month comes with its radically pro-LGBT narrative, but this song provides an alternative narrative that, through the utilization of social media and pop culture, has the potential of actually eclipsing the Pride Month narrative. Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary addressed the significance of this war of narratives for successful boycotts, especially concerning the massive backlash against Bud Light.

He said that we have to remember that marketing is narrative and tells a story. This is a technique known as storybranding. The key here is that a seller is not primarily selling a product but rather is selling a story. The product is how you can have personal access to that story.

These boycotts are effectively destroying the story branding attempts by Target and Bud Light with a fundamentally different story. Instead of inclusion, these brands are TARGETING your children and actively trying to brainwash them. What’s so amazing here is that this new narrative is creating a massive community across the nation that’s finally standing up to these woke corporations.

It’s being widely recognized that grassroots boycotts against woke corporations promoting transgender ideology are becoming radically effective. Both Bud Light and Target have lost tens of billions of dollars in sales and market value and have together become textbook cases of how NOT to do marketing. For years companies have been pushing Pride Month with little economic retaliation, but something seems to have turned the tide here; and the key to that tide-turning is how these companies started going after kids, as in the case of Target, and going after conservative rural areas, as was the case with Bud Light.

It appears that the general public, but especially parents, are increasingly opposed to the idea of transgender ideology being pushed on their children while they are out shopping. Opinion polls consistently reveal that the majority of Americans do not support the gender ideology being pushed by woke corporations and it seems that their wallets are now aligning with their values. It looks like the tide has turned, a massive revolt against all things woke is rising, and corporations deciding to go woke are the ones that will have everything to lose!

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