Shocking New GOP Red Wave!

We have some very good news coming out of a couple of solidly Blue States. CBS is reporting that once again, the state of New York saw nothing less than a GOP red wave wash over their regions.

– The GOP secured significant victories in New York, particularly on Long Island, flipping the Suffolk County executive seat and gaining control of all countywide seats in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

– Redistricting played a crucial role in Virginia, with Democrats configuring the electoral map to make it challenging for the GOP to secure a majority.

– If Republicans adopt similar strategies nationally, emphasizing law and order and appealing to immigrant communities, they could achieve a landslide victory in the 2024 elections.

There were several GOP flips that left the Democrats shocked. The Republicans officially took over Long Island. Ed Romaine won the coveted Suffolk County executive race in a landslide. He flipped the county executive seat from blue to red. The GOP now occupies all the countywide seats in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Both county executive seats, the DA seat, and the comptroller’s office, as well as four congressional seats.

What happened in New York yesterday is a repeat of what happened in the 2022 midterms when every single seat from Long Island went Republican. The GOP swept the Long Island elections, flipping their two blue seats red. It was an incredible red wave in New York. Lee Zeldin, as the Republican gubernatorial candidate, did better than any Republican gubernatorial candidate in decades. The Democrats had their state like New York to blame for the Republicans to retake control of congress. New York is slowly but surely turning red, as evidenced by the past two elections.

We saw disappointing results in Virginia, but despite falling short of the majority, Republicans in Virginia did very well yesterday. Republicans won every seat and every district where Trump won. They won in districts that have voted for Biden up to +9. Democrats were successful only in districts that voted for Biden by +10 or more.

Unfortunately, given the demographic changes in Virginia, those are a lot of districts. But the GOP did a great job of beginning to peel away at the districts with a single-digit Democrat advantage. That’s exactly what we have been seeing with the California GOP. Because of the SoCal ballot harvesting strategy, Republicans have been winning consistently in Democrat +4 districts. They did it in 2020, and they did it again in 2022. So we are seeing, ironically, blue state Republicans learning to adapt effectively to their adverse conditions and overcome them at the district level.

Redistricting matters because the Democrats in Virginia reconfigured the electoral map to make it extremely hard for the GOP to win a majority. Ironically, all they needed were two or three +10 Democrat districts and they would be the majority. Given the obstacles the Virginia Republican Party faced, they did very well. The key here is that if Republicans took the strategies employed in blue states like New York, Virginia, and California and applied them nationally, they would win 2024 in a landslide.

The New York Model for winning elections is relatively easy. First, all the candidates focused on the issue of rising crime and the need to restore law and order. This is huge. The tough-on-crime campaign is winning all over the world. In places like El Salvador where president Nayib Bukele is enjoying a 90% approval rating because of his crackdown on illegal gang activity and crime. The chaos at the border, the insanity of illegal immigrants inside New York City who are taking over nearly 50% of all hotel capacity, and the rise in violent crime, are causing the GOP law-and-order candidates to surge.

Secondly, we are seeing these New York Republicans flipping Immigrants. In South Brooklyn, for example, ethnic Russians and Asians are becoming more Republican, ousting incumbents who had held office for decades. Back in the 2022 midterms, in Southeast Brooklyn, one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the country, voters toppled three long-term incumbent Democrat state Assembly members and replaced them with Republicans, something that would have been unimaginable a couple of years ago. The key to winning immigrants is the promotion of traditional values. Immigrants want nothing to do with woke neomarxism, so this is the neo-traditionalist dynamic playing out.

The key to winning in blue states like NY is to tie wokeness together with rising crime rates. That combination of tying together wokeness with rising crime rates is flipping urban populations. If we can combine voter turnout strategies, and particularly ballot harvesting strategies with a law-and-order anti-woke campaign across the nation, it looks like we will see a 2024 blowout!

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