-Scott Adams has bent the knee!

-As the narrative in favor of the poison vaccines collapses, many are admitting their wrongs!

-Those who did not get vaxxed were not just lucky guessers, but informed citizens.

Scott Adams makes a HUGE admission, anti-vaxxers were right and he was wrong! We’re going to hear for ourselves what Scott had to say, and we’re going to see what many pundits are saying, frankly, it’s too little too late; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

I’m sure many of you, like me, are fans of Scott Adams; I first came across his analysis back in 2016 when he broke from the legacy media herd and gave very cogent arguments for why Donald Trump was indeed going to win the presidential election. He and I, of course, were sympatico on that assessment, and we were both right. I’ve enjoyed his analysis since, I’ve read one of his books, and I’ve very much appreciated his voice out there; however, when it came to Covid and the vaccines, Scott took a very pro-vax, pro-mask mandate position which alienated a number of his followers. But now, in a video over the weekend, Scott has admitted that he was wrong, and that anti-vaxxers, or the vaccine-hesitant, as they’re technically called, were indeed right, and it was a solid admission, he reiterated over and over not only that anti-vaxxers were right but WHY they were right, take a look:

Now, that said, many people are pushing back a bit on Scott, largely because of what he said at the end there: “All of my fancy analytics got me to a bad place. All of your heuristics — ‘don’t trust these guys’ is obvious — totally worked.” Heuristics are simply interpretive frames or paradigms, so he’s saying that we started with the principle: ‘You cannot trust these guys, don’t buy whatever they’re peddling,’ and he’s saying that assumption or presupposition turned out to be correct! There’s a big problem with what Scott just said there, and it shows that he has a bit of a ways to go hre before he fully recognizes just how HUGE the victory for the anti-vaxxers really is!

A number of analysts are pointing out, vaccine hesitancy wasn’t solely the result of presuppositions THAT JUST HAPPENED TO BE RIGHT. What needs to be underscored here is that there were several scientific voices like Dr Robert Malone who’s been on the cutting edge of mRNA technology, citing significant evidence for the vaccines’ deleterious effects! This wasn’t simply a matter of guessing right, for many, vaccine hesitancy was the result of encountering mountains of evidence that warned against its use! I’m not saying they were right or wrong, I’m simply pointing out that vaccine hesitancy, for many, was not simply rooted in social prejudices that turned out to be correct. But that said, we DO have to recognize another inconvenient truth to all of this, and this, unfortunately, is why so many believe Scott Adams’ admission is a bit too little too late. To make things even worse, those dissenting voices, again, many of whom were top-notch scientists and virologists like the authors of the Barrington Declaration, were deliberately and summarily silenced! They were censored through Big Tech suppression, and they were mocked and ridiculed at best, and reviled and vilified at worst by our legacy media; here’s one case in point: 

That was the utterly un-hinged Frankie Schaeffer labeling the unvaxxed ‘bio-terrorists.’ Again, we need to underscore, the rhetoric doesn’t get a lot more dangerously degrading than that! Oh, and gets worse! How can we forget the mandates? ALL OF THEM! Most particularly Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate for all workers in all industries in workplaces above 100 employees! They were forced, again, that’s the key word, FORCED to get vaxxed. Get vaxxed or else! It was resoundingly noted that we went from ‘two weeks to flatten the curse’ to get vaxxed or starve! And so, to admit that the anti-vaxxers were right, all the while ignoring those social and cultural horrors isn’t helping Scott any either, especially to the extent that he may have even contributed to them! So all of that is to say that I’m very glad to see Scott’s admission, but I do think it’s just, actually, a first step. Again, I’m not pro- or anti-vax, my position has always been to prioritize informed consent: no one, absolutely no one, should be forced to chose between getting vaccinated or losing their job; get the jab and you can continue feeding their family! I think that was beyond disgusting; let alone the dehumanized rhetoric spewed by the utterly intolerant tyrannical left, the neo-Marxist Maoists that pervade our legacy media! It’s heartening to see how now that the floodgates of truth are opening up, how many people are finally coming on over to our side, and I’m very glad to see someone as astute as Scott Adams as one of them!