Schumer Calls Biden Impeachment Efforts a ‘Witch Hunt’

Speaker McCarthy finally announced that the House will open an official impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

In response to this news, we saw some pretty strange reactions from liberals such as this one from John Fetterman:

Although Fetterman’s reaction may have been one of the most comedic and ridiculous, Senator Schumer gives him a run for his money for the most overall absurd response. Schumer, who spent the entirety of Trump’s presidency trying to impeach Trump and voted against Trump in his impeachment trial has called this impeachment inquiry a ‘witch hunt.’

He said, “I think the impeachment inquiry is absurd. The American people want us to do something that will make their lives better, not go off on these chases and, uh, witch hunts.” This is pretty ironic considering his avid support of the impeachment efforts against Trump.

Many conservatives have noted that Matt Gaetz mentioned that he was going to work with Eric Swalwell to remove McCarthy out of the chair. Seemingly the following day, McCarthy finally announced that he would begin impeachment proceedings.

So many GOP leaders currently elected do not have the conservatives’ interests in mind. However, we are seeing many who are ready to begin the impeachment proceedings now. Many conservatives are already standing their ground against liberals who suddenly have a problem with impeachment procedures.

Despite the best efforts of the left, Biden’s crime history may not be a secret anymore. There is already ample evidence of his involvement with Hunter’s crimes. We will hopefully be able to see Republicans take action and truly investigate Biden for what he has done.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks

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